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Racism Today: An Ethical Dilemma

Ethics RP 230D

Taryn Gregg

on 24 October 2013

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Transcript of Racism Today: An Ethical Dilemma

Discrimination or prejudice against someone that has a different race due to stereotypes, beliefs, and rumors.
Today we have a rid ourselves of this notion of “racism” as something that does not exist anymore.

" Some people feel that being a Caucasian person is a direct symbol of superiority among the other races. These individuals are the ones who respond to people of color differently, which leads to verbal or physical violence amongst a group".
Racism: Psychological view
What Is The Moral Dilemma?
The Jackie Robinson Story
Moral Issues & Theory
Diversity of the Film world

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Breaking brown continuing the tradition of black intellectual thoughts. breaking brown, 01 Sep 2013. Web. 19 Oct 2013. <http://breakingbrown.com/category/race-2/>.

Cause and Effect In This Box

Wrongness/Moral Problem

How Would You Resolve It?

Black directors speaking out on white film makers choice to film slavery theme movies.
Rightness is that Americans are free to publish whatever they want regardless of race under the constitution
Discredits African American directors depiction of how one race during a tragic life of their ancestors.
Promote the bonds and the the love that happened during those dark ages .

Cause and Effect In This Box

Wrongness/Moral Problem

How Would You Resolve It?
The Moral Dilemma of racism is that some people agree and others are against this practice of division. It creates a further problem because racism is on more of a judgemental level. By judgemental we mean, by how african americans are judge by the color of their skin, the way they carry themselves, and how they act in different situations.
Taryn Gregg
Laisha Baxter
Portia Troutman
Shannon Clarke
It is wrong that there's people in this world that will judge by the way we look, skin color and it is wrong for people of our kind to be looked down on in that way. We deserve justice as being African Americans, by trying to better ourselves everyday of our lives and prove people wrong.

Racial account in today's society

Trayvon Martin's death was believed to be not only about him being an innocent child and zimmerman protecting himself as well. It relates to racism in a way. Some believe that Zimmerman killed Trayvon because he looked suspicious like any other african american male would.

Zimmerman felt that he was attacked and he had to take matters into his own hands. Things could have been handled a different way and Trayvon would have been still alive today. Zimmerman was wrong for what he did and therefore, Trayvon Martin deserved Justice. Utilitarianism would relate to the Trayvon Martin cas because it deals with course of one's action.
The experience that was validated in our research was the Jackie Robinson story.
Jackie Robinson was the first ever African-American to play in Major League Baseball.
The Dodgers risk taking action led up to changes in the Civil Rights Movement.
Jackie Robinson's character and unquestionable talent challenged the traditional rules of segregation. It forced other races to look past the color of his skin and focus more on his talent.
Jackie Robinson benefited from the ethical decision of allowing other races into a "white mans" sport. With all the controversy Robinson broke records. He made a name for himself and pathed the way for many baseball players to come.
Many accounts of racial discrimination are still occurring and especially in work places.
This moral issues can be solved by using Aristotle theory.
Whats a good solution to the moral issue being debated?
Aristotle discussed how every action has a consequence.
That there is a difference between knowing right and wrong.
Common sense is a property that can be applied to the moral issue, because if they set aside their prejudices racism would not even exist.
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