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Science Investigatory project: EGGSHELLS AS CHALK

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aubrey ramos

on 27 November 2013

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Transcript of Science Investigatory project: EGGSHELLS AS CHALK

Statement of the problem:
- Can eggshells be used as an alternative for commercial chalks?
- To produce recycled chalks that have the same quality as the commercial chalk
Science Investigatory Project: EGGSHELLS AS CHALK
Oral Defense (Groups 10 & 13)

- Mortar and pestle
- paper
1) Collect a large amount of eggshells
3) Using the mortar and pestle, pound the clean eggshells very well until the eggshells become a fine powder.
4) Separate the residue from the powder if there is any.
6) Place small amount of the mixture into the paper and roll it until it becomes the shape of a chalk.
7) Let it stay like that for 3 days

Thank you for listening!!!
- Will the chalks be sturdy enough like that of the commercial chalks?
- To determine the differences between the recycled chalk and commercial chalk
- To manufacture a chalk cheaper than the chalks being used in schools
- Eggshells
- flour
- hot water
2) Clean at least 8-10 eggshells
5) Combine 1 tsp. of flour and 1 tsp. of hot water. Add the 1 Tbsp. of flour and hot water into the powder and mix it together.
"That in all things, God may be glorified."
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