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No description

Alleonore Iguin

on 24 April 2013

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should prohibit the sales of soda!
WHY? It can cause diabetes Soda can make children obese. ONE can of soda has NINE teaspoons of sugar. According to the article, "How Much", an average child in America drinks SEVEN cans of soda in ONE day.
(7x9) = 63 teaspoons of sugar! In our body, there is a gland called the pancreas, which secretes a fluid called insulin, which is what regulates our glucose metabolism. When there is too much sugar, the body's demand for insulin will be too high, having the insulin become less effective, or possibly not effective to regulate our glucose metabolism. Although schools can earn about 100,000.00 a year from selling soda for their students and programs, more state money will go towards children with health problems in the future. Patients with diabetes spend $6,000.000 a year for their medicine, eye exams, exams, etc. This does not include other fees for other health issues caused by diabetes such as open cuts. Soda has a lot of sugar in it, & also other ingredients, such as high fructose corn syrup and caffeine, which also gives off health problems, such as heart disease. As I said before, soda contains a lot of sugar. Sugar is good for energy, but if it isn't burned off, it will be converted to fat. Soda also has a lot of sodium, having high sodium levels, can close sweat glands & cause someone to gain weight. Even if soda can be burned off, not everyone has the time to burn off the sugar in their body, to prove that, I conducted a survey of students who do drink soda & how often they work out. More than 1/2 do not work out often. Patients who are obese spend $10,000.00 a year for their exams, medicine, transportation, etc. Not including other fees for other health issues caused by obesity such as heart disease. Why should schools prohibit the sales of soda? Easy access- you can get your hands on soda from vending machines, clubs and organizations, in hallways. You can get it before, during, or after school. We're in school for a while- most of us students are in school for 8 hours a day, having breakfast,recess, lunch, lunch recess & maybe the advantage to eat & drink in class. Students can drink soda during those times & maybe even during passing. We don't have P,E- not all students have PE to burn off the soda, (if consumed) & some do not work out at home, causing them to gain weight.
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