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Personal Branding & Effective Networking

No description

Emily Ellis

on 11 June 2015

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Transcript of Personal Branding & Effective Networking

Foundations of Networking
Step 1
Step 2
Your Identity
Personal Branding &
Effective Networking

Monitor your progress and take
corrective action.

Obtain feedback and insights

Stay optimistic and be persistent, but professional
Emily Ellis
Your Connections
What is your message? Your personal brand?
How do you stand out from the crowd?
What will make people want to learn more about you?
Who do you know already?
How can you help those people?
What value can they provide to you?
- Personal Values
- Motivating Factors/Skills
- Professional Goals
- Strengths/Weaknesses
Step 1: Take Inventory
Step 2: Brainstorm a Plan
Step 3: Craft Your Brand/Identity
Step 4: Choose the Right Tools and Channels
Step 5: Measure, Modify and Repeat
Take inventory of your online presence and your current brand

Take inventory of your current relationships and connections
Define your career goals and map out a path.

Who else should you know that can help you?

Who does your personal Board of Directors consist of?
Step 3
Craft Your Brand
EXAMPLE: "Experienced Career and Academic Counselor in the field of Higher Education. Provides customized experiences for students and alumni, through utilization of superb customer service and relationship building abilities. Works tirelessly to build effective partnerships with students, colleagues and the community to serve the best interests of the institute and it's invested agents."
Step 4
Choose Your Channels
There is no replacement for face-to-face networking
Informal vs. Formal
The most effective combination of activities for job search is off-line networking and LinkedIn...don't get LinkedOUT!
Check your Facebook presence
Are you Tweeting?
Optimizing your LinkedIn Profile:
Include a current, professional photo

Write a descriptive headline

Identify and incorporate key words
(Summary Section, Header, Current/Past Titles, Specialties)

Show your email address

Make your profile public

Follow companies, join/participate in groups, research key people
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