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Orchard Central

Christopher Cai

on 16 April 2010

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Transcript of Karin

Investigate underlying causes for Orchard Central’s low human traffic
Recommendations for OC to compete more effectively
Position itself as:
- Singapore’s 1st tallest
vertical shopping mall
- Unique cluster concept
(Architectural features & Shop categories)
RQ1: Is the profile of Orchard shoppers in line with OC’s targeted audience? Research Questions RQ4: How can OC attract and retain human traffic in the long run? RQ3B: How can their perception of OC be enhanced? RQ3A: How do existing patrons perceive OC? RQ2B: How well does OC fare in terms
of the identified factors? RQ2A: What affects shoppers’ willingness to patronise malls along Orchard Road? What we did... - Secondary Research
- Academic Articles
- Focus group
- Survey
- Shopping habits, shopping preferences, views on shopping malls in the Orchard Road shopping belt, views on Orchard Central
Focus Group - 6 participants
- 22-26 years old 100 surveys
Mall intercept – convenience sampling
Weekdays and weekends at different timings
Shopping preferences
Surveys Satisfaction with OC: Variety & Layout most influential
Repeat visits: Ambience & variety
Reasons for not visiting OC: lack time, bad reviews, no distinction from other malls
Anchor stores and better variety to motivate visits to OC.
Improve layout, esp clustering of shops
Evoked factors for consideration: Location, shops in the mall, price
OC's variety scored low with respondents
Other malls better than OC for variety and layout.

Short term
- Layout
include an overview of escalators and
restrooms, more effective directories and
- Variety
Include an anchor tenant
Consistency and regularity
Long Term
-Tenant Mix
brands that Singaporeans like which are
not available locally.
Complementary mix of middle to high
end retailers
- Lack of representativeness
- Cannot generalize our findings to
the whole of Singapore.
- Financial constraints
- Limited reach
Started second half of 2009 Background The Problem The situation within OC
( Straits Times Reports)
Comparison to other malls ( Somerset313, Ion)
Research Objectives Findings Summary OC’s target audience: Shoppers aged 21-35 Suggestions The Team:
Tiara Kong
Candice Lim
Karin Lim
Elaine Neo
Jessie Ng
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