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hannah s

on 3 April 2013

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Transcript of Journalism

Rajan graduated from
Lambrick in 2004 During Middle School,
Rajan was a pitcher for
the Gordon Head
Little League team He played on Lambrick's senior boy's basket ball team in 2003 and 2004 McDonald's Valuable Player Award While in school... Rajan was one of 20 highschool basketball players to win the MVP award in 2004. Each award was given out along with a 500$ scholarship At Uvic Rajan completed his
undergraduate degree
in Chemistry at the
University of Victoria in
2009. He is working on a collaborative project
at UVic with Dr. Brolo (Chemistry Professor) and Dr. Sinton (Professor of Mechanical Engineering) titled Lab-on-Chip Nanohole Sensors for Early Cancer Detection.  For the project he has
to characterize the binding of
antibodies to immobilized antigens
on gold surfaces. Rajan is now a Medical student, studying at the University of Hawaii In July of 2010, a report was written
by 10 of the members working on
the project, including Rajan, titled
"A new method for therapeutic
antibody screening" In 2003, he added 17 points in a BC championship game against Ladysmith Distinguished Alumni Project The End He quoted Gandhi
in his grad writeup "Live as if you were to
die tomorrow.
Learn as if you were to
live forever" All of these subjects
involve chemistry: astronomy - biology - biochemistry -
engineering - geosciences -
microbiology - oceanography - physics
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