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World War 1 Torpedos.

No description

Ian Heitz

on 22 January 2013

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Transcript of World War 1 Torpedos.

Template by Missing Link
Images from Shutterstock.com Controlling Torpedos. They had alot of friendly fire with torpedos because alot of the time an allie would be on the other side of the enemy then the enemy would move after the torpedo had been fired and it would hit your pal. Controlling Torpedos. The original use of the sub marine telescope was to watch were they fired the torpedo and if it was heading towards an allie they would radio them to warn them. It usually didnt work. The man who invented the first torpedo was Captain David Bushnell, who tried it out in New York Harbour in 1776. They started being produced in 1886 and were then used in WW1. Inventor. World War 1 torpedos were extremly difficult to control. They needed to be played by ear all the time because they did not have the technology we have today. The capsule that held the torpedo slowly opened and let water in and the pressure would shoot the torpedo out. It's like when you blow into a waterbottle it gets harder and harder to fill it with more air then when you take it away all the air comes out. Therfore they could not controll where the torpedo goes after being fired. Controlling Torpedos World War 1 Torpedos Controlling Torpedos. Controlling Torpedos. Not all ships in World War 1 used pressure firing. German U-Boats did. American ships used the kicker. It was a mechanism that pushed the torpedo out. Although gaining more speed it still had the same flaws. If the target wasn't close enough the torpedo would lose speed and sink to the ocean floor. Alot of the time sea creatures would hit these fallen torpedos and they would blow up and interfear with nearbye naval ships. Turtles and torpedos. The term torpedos was not thought of until the mid 1900's. So in WW1 they reffered to torpedos as turtles. Intresting fact. The popular arrowhead like torpedo is not the only kind. Do you remember that popular movie Finding Nemo by Disney? Well the ball and chain objects you saw are actually torpedos. They are booby traps for enemy naval ships. If there was a slight bump they would explode and often sink the ship. Torpedos. As you may know there are many sea creatures. Whales being one of them. Whales would swim by and hit one of these torpedos and they would explode, the whale would wash up on shore eventually. Did you know Torpedos wern'tonly fired from boats. They were also fired frrom planes and tanks.
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