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The Boy On The Wooden Box

No description

Allie Houseman

on 30 October 2014

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Transcript of The Boy On The Wooden Box

The Boy On The Wooden Box
By Leon Leyson

Vocabulary Words
inconspicuous- not clearly noticeable or not trying to be noticed.
"I hid in the back of the group, as I often did, trying to be inconspicuous, particularly since I had been pretending to be years older then I actually was."
periphery- the outer limits or edge of an object.
"If I stood still for too long, I found myself on the periphery again."
antisemitic- hostility towards Jews.

were antisemitic and had been pleased to see us out of what they considered to be their country, despite the fact that Jews had lived there for thousands of years"
philanthropic- an organization that distributes or is supported by donated funds.
"I began to accept invitations to share my story a churches, synagogues, schools, and political, military, civic, and philanthropic organizations."
unprecedented- never done or known before.
"During the years of unprecedented inhumanity, Schindler saw value in the very people the Nazis labeled as less than human and sought eradicate."
Vocabulary Pictures
Significant Quote
"Still, we thought,
If this is the worst that happens...
If only."

I chose this quote because it shows how the characters went through everyday, and every hardship hoping that it would be the last.
I would relate this book to American history through the world. During the 1800's, Americans needed more workers on their plantations so they turned towards African Americans. They discriminated towards the African Americans and worked them to full length. This is very similar to the way Jews were treated during the holocaust, from the hateful Germans and Nazis.
Examples of Figurative Language
" We leaned against each other like stacked chairs." simile.
This would be an example of a simile because it is comparing the way the characters had to stand to the way chairs are stacked against each other, using

"Still naked, we were assembled and processed like items of cargo." simile.
This would be an example of a simile because it is comparing the way the characters were taken through the camp to the way items of cargo are taken through shipping, using
The Boy on the Wooden Box
Favorite Character
My favorite character was the main character, young Leon Leyson. I liked Leon the best because he went through very hard times, including when he lost his family, was starving, and was given very bad treatment when he didn't deserve it. Leon would always find the brighter side of an obstacle, especially when his family was in the Ghetto. While in the Ghetto, Leon met an old man and shared his small amount of food with him. This shows how generous he was, and this is also why he his my favorite character.
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