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Ron Chajmovic

on 11 December 2014

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Transcript of Titanic


By Gordon Korman
Book One
Main Characters
In this book there are two main characters. The first main character in this story is Paddy Burns. Paddy's traits vary throughout the story. At the beginning of the story Paddy is stubborn and curious. He believes that people with money treat him unfairly. Once Paddy gets on the Titanic and runs away from the antagonists, he gets help from some first class passengers. He does not expect for first class passengers to be nice to a stowaway.
Daniel Sullivan's most important trait is his cleverness. When they inherited the stolen bank notes he knew right away not to spend any of them. If anyone found out that they stole the bank notes they would go to prison. Daniel and Paddy were walking down the street they ran into Thomas Andrews, the designer of the finest ocean liner ever to take float. Daniel had a discussion with Mr. Andrews. That discussion led up to Daniel having a mission to find a way to sink the unsinkable. Daniel was motivated to get the job done, with Thomas Andrews
being his idol.
The setting takes place in Belfast, England, where Paddy and Daniel live. Belfast is a partly abandoned. Where it is not abandoned it is filled with shops. The time period this story happens in, is 1912. The date in which the Titanic leaves Belfast is April 10, 1912, at around 11:35 to 12:15 A.M.
The theme of the book
is to never give up. When Mr. Andrews gave Daniel the impossible task of sinking the Titanic, Daniel finds many flaws in most of his sketches, that doesn't stop Daniel. While Daniel was working on finding a way to sink the Titanic, Paddy offered him to go eat. Living the life they're living they should never pass on a meal, but Daniel wanted to find a way to sink the unsinkable, so he said no to the food he was offered.
When Paddy was on the Titanic, he had to hide from the antagonist in the book. When Paddy got caught by Seamus, he struggled to get out of his
arms, but he managed to escape. If Paddy were to
give up and tell himself that it was over he
would have not made it out of a painful
Text evidence

"I can!" Daniel exclaimed eagerly. Andrews' eyes widened. "Do tell." "Well, I-I don't have it right now, sir," Daniel stammered in embarrassment. "But if you'll give me a little time, I'm sure something will occur to me... I trust we meet again." Pg. 13

"Not even the savory promise of a meal could wrest Daniel from his sketching. "I'll go later," he said absently." Pg. 25

"Besides, he couldn't stay there. Gilhooley's men
would find him sooner or later. If not
tomorrow, then next week, or the week after that." Pg. 43
In this book the main characters, Patrick Burns and Daniel Sullivan. These best friends live a homeless life as con artists. At the beginning of the book Patrick, who goes by Paddy, and his best friend Daniel pretend to have a fist fight, so they can get close a very rich man. Once they get close, Paddy 'accedently' bumps into him, and steals what is in his pocket. They steal many bank notes form the man. Daniel hesitates to spend the bank notes. When Paddy goes to get food he wants to buy clothes for hima and his friend, but his plan backfired and he got caught. After that he and Daniel run for their lives from the clothing store owner, Kevin Gilhooley, and his strong bodyguard, Seamus. As they run, they have no where to go, but the RMS Titanic. As they run up the boarding plank Seamus catches Daniel. Paddy looks on the planking and he sees blood. Paddy is convinced that the blood he is looking at is Daniel's. After that Paddy stays on the Titanic, too afraid to leave with Gilhooley looking for him. He tries to blend in by putting on a steward's uniform. Paddy struggles to remain unseen by the ships officers, and Seamus. Will Paddy
survive in these harsh conditions?

Text evidence

"Paddy suppressed a grin. He always enjoyed it when the mark helped out by sending him off with the stolen purse. By the time the rich fool realized he'd been robbed, Paddy would be far away, counting the windfall." Pg. 1

"When the likes of us hands over a brand new banknote, there isn't not a shopkeeper in Belfast who would not know we stole it." Pg. 7

"All he could make out through the waves of nausea were several pairs of scrambling legs and big rough boots. Gilhooley's men? He heard his friend cry out. "Run, Paddy!" Pg. 37

"There was no sign of Daniel or Gilhooley men. The only evidence that they had ever been there was a dark stain on the planking. Blood. Daniels Blood." Pg. 40
Text Evidence
"Think, Patrick. What kind of man likes his money in paper notes printed by a bank? Someone who's got so much of it he'd need a barrow just to carry the silver. when you spy your reflection in a window, do you see that person?" Paddy was stubborn. "I'm going to be that person someday, so this will be good practice". Pg. 7-8

"I can!" Daniel exclaimed eagerly. Andrews's eyes widened. "Do tell." "Well, I-I don't know it right now, sir," Daniel said stammered in embarrassment. "But if you'll give me a little time, I'm sure something will occur to me." Pg. 13

Not even the promise of a savory meal could wrest Daniel from his sketching. "I'll go later,' he said absently. "And remember,
don't spend any of those bank notes." Pg. 25

"It had once been a printer's shop-the ink-stained tables, metal rollers, and loose type attested to that. But to Paddy and Daniel, it was home." Pg. 23

"Still, if he was now part of the Titanic's crew, he'd be gone again - Alfie checked one of the posters - on April 10." Pg. 22

"Chapter Nine Southampton Wednesday,
April 10, 1912, 11:35 A.M." Pg. 63

Text evidence
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