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Castle Pines: The Little Library that Could... Fundraise! CALCON12


aspen walker

on 13 July 2015

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Transcript of Castle Pines: The Little Library that Could... Fundraise! CALCON12

The Little Library that Could...
Castle Pines
Kyra Hahn, Amy Long & Aspen Walker
Colorado Association of Libraries
October 18, 2012
3:15 - 4 pm
Keystone, CO
2004 – Bookmobile
2007, 2008 – Lost Elections
2009 - Storefront Library Opens,
Fundraising Round I
2011-12 – Fundraising Round II
The breakdown:
...How did we do it?...
Library Campaign Committee
Community Volunteers
Library Staff
Each volunteer coordinated an event
5 minute brainstorm
Create your volunteer committee
Castle Pines Library Campaign Committee
Dine Outs
School Change Drive
Kings Soopers Gift Cards
100 ideas for fundraisers in your community! (no judgement)
5 minute Brainstorm
Organized volunteers into a committee
...The Game Changers...
Reliable reporting on where we stand
Follow up with donors: Relationship Building
What's Next?!
New Library?! +Support
Friends->Foes Follow-through
Fun & Friends
"Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen."
Ralph Waldo Emerson
....Take our poll...
Did you get something useful out of this session?
Yes? Text 737729 to 22333
No? Text 737730 to 22333
What are your top takeaways from this session?
Text 737728 & your takeaways to 22333
& we'll post your feedback on the blog.
communicate to create engagement, collaboration, meaningful connections, community, growth & trust
Image courtesy of computerclipart.com http://bit.ly/QRaZ99
Think big
Or visit PollEv.com & use these codes to respond.
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