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Marvelous Michigan

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aaryan chandna

on 3 December 2013

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Transcript of Marvelous Michigan

Marvelous Michigan
Natural Resources
Michigan has very many natural resources, a big part of Michigan. Here are some listed...
Water is in all the lakes and rivers, and Michigan has been blessed with many water sources, being the main supply of freshwater to the entire U.S. and Canada
Timber is in several timberlands in our state, where many trees grow
Soil is under the grass and Michigan mainly being forest has a lot of soil
Oil is in trees which Michigan has very many amounts of, and in the great lakes under the water bodies
Forest occupies most of the lower Peninsula, and is the most common land type of Michigan,and you probably live near forest!
Gas comes from the oil that is under water bodies Michigan has
Minerals are everywhere, mostly in Detroit's salt mines and where you are right now!
Sand comes from dunes in Michigan, especially the Sleeping Bear Dunes
Fish is in the great lakes, rivers, inland lakes and lives in many water bodies
Wildlife is any animal other than you, many raccoons and squirrels, even birds live in Michigan, deer are common in fall

Michigan has a lot of Tourist Attractions. Here are some of them...

Mackinac Island is an island famous for no vehicles and the surroundings
Michigan's Adventure is a amusement park in Muskegon home to many rollercoasters
The Henry Ford is a museum about Henry Ford, his life and everything he did in Detroit Michigan
Detroit Zoo is one of the most famous zoo's in Michigan with different animals in Royal Oak Michigan
Mackinac Bridge is the longest bridge in Michigan, connecting the Lower Peninsula to the Upper Peninsula
Warren Dunes State Park is a state park in southwest Michigan, having many campsites on the lake Michigan shoreline
Comerica Park is located in downtown Detroit. It is the home of the Detroit Tigers baseball team.
DIA is a museum in Detroit formally called Detroit Institute of Arts, having many exhibits of the arts
The Palace of Auburn Hills is home to the Detroit Pistons basketball team, and many shows located in Auburn Hills Michigan
Kensington Park is a park in Michigan with many things to do like boating or having a picnic and is located in Milford Michigan
Boyne Mountain is a resort near Traverse city famous for the golf, the winter skiing and it includes a water park called Avalanche Bay located in Boyne City

Mackinac Bridge is the fifth largest suspension bridge in the world. It's total length is 26,372 feet and is 54 feet wide. It was opened on November 1st, 1957, costing $32,400,000 to build. It is located on I-75 and the building of it started on May 7, 1954. It connects the Upper to the Lower Peninsula and is approximately 5 miles long.
The Ambassador Bridge
The Ambassador Bridge connects Detroit, Michigan to Windsor, Ontario in Canada. At 7,500 feet long it is the longest International bridge in the world. It was completed in 1929, began constuction in 1927 and was featured in the films 8 mile, crossing the bridge, Grosse Pointe Blank and Sicko and Bowling for Columbine,etc. It is mainly steel, with more than 10,00 vehicles crossing it per weekday. It was featured in the book Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides.
Michigan has two regions, the Lower Peninsula and the Upper Peninsula. Here are some facts about the Lower Peninsula.The highest point is the city Cadillac at 1,700 feet. The lower Peninsula has very flat land. It carries more snow than the Upper Peninsula.A few major cities it carries are Lansing, Grand Rapids, Flint, Detroit and Ann Arbor. The capital, Lansing is in this region. The 5 mile long Mackinac bridge connects it to the U.P. Traverse city attracts many tourists coming to Michigan.Cherries grow a lot here. The famous sleeping bear dunes are located here as well.
Some facts about the Upper Peninsula are,it is 1/3 the size of the whole Michigan, it has 300,000 residents, and is north of lake Michigan, west of Lake Huron, and south of lake Superior. It is colder than the Lower Peninsula. It's largest city is Marquette. A few fun things to do are camping, hiking, canoeing, fishing, etc.

Tourist Attractions
Mackinac Bridge
Mackinac Island
Mackinac Island is in the middle of Lake Huron and Lake Michigan. The Native Americans called it Michilimackinac which means "Land of the great turtle". About 500 to 600 residents live in Mackinac Island. The island has cold winters and okay summers. Motor vehicles may not go in Mackinac Island for the environment, other than government or emergency vehicles. The island is around 4.4 square miles.
Apple Island
State Parks
Inland Lakes
West Bloomfield
Great Lakes
Michigan Map-1
Apple Island is located in the city of Orchard lake and is approximately 35 acres. It formed 10,000 to 12,000 years ago, but only discovered by Native Americans 2,000 years ago. A treaty for dividing the island was signed by 4 native tribes on November 7, 1807. On June 18, 1950 two future kings visited the island. It had many apples when native americans lived there, therefore called Apple Island.
There are many state parks in Michigan. Here are a list of a few...
Ludington State Park
Newaygo State Park
Porcupine Mountains State Park
Warren Dunes State Park
Warren Dunes state park is located in southwest Michigan and is 2.5 miles of shoreline. It has over 300 campsites and is one of the most famous parks in Michigan. A state park is currently less than 30 minutes of a drive away from you.
There are more lighthouses in Michigan than any state. Here are just a few.
Big Sable point lighthouse
Tawas Point Lighthouse
Muskegon breakwater lighthouse
Grand Haven state park lighthouse
Manistique lighthouse
Little sable lighthouse
Big Sable Point Lighthouse is open from 10 AM to 5 PM May 1st to October 31st. It is over 100 feet tall. It was constructed in 1867 and is so tall, you can see it from 19 miles away!
Michigan has many lakes, inside their land. Some are...
Houghton Lake, Torch Lake, Charlevoix Lake,
Burt Lake, Mulett Lake, Gogebic Lake, Manistique Lake, Black Lake, Crystal Lake, Portage Lake, Orchard Lake, and Cass Lake. Houghton Lake has snowmobile trails in the winter and is the largest lake in Michigan. The deepest point of the lake is 22 feet. It was first called Red lake until it switched to Houghton Lake.
Cass lake is the biggest lake in Oakland county, being near roosevelt elementary school.
Many, many rivers are flowing in Michigan. The state rivers are these...
Detroit River
St. Mary's river
Grand river
St. Clair's river
Kalamazoo river
Michigan has the most rivers for any state in the USA. Detroit river is 32 miles long, connecting to St. Clair's river. It also connects Lake Erie to Lake Huron. It is obviously located in Detroit.
Michigan has lots of museums. Some are here for you to look.
Coppertown USA mining museum
The great lakes shipwreck museum
Besser museum for northeast
The bottle-cap museum
Dennos museum center
MSU museum
Hitsville USA
Ann Arbor hands on museum
Ann Arbor hands on museum is located in Ann Arbor, MI being a mathematics and science museum. The over 250 exhibits are mostly for kids. The exhibits are all fun, hands-on and interactive
Detroit is the car capital of the world, making the first car with air conditioning in 1939. Some nicknames of the motor
city are Motown, The "D" and Hockeytown. The people living in The "D" are called Detroiters. Detroit is 143 square miles. It is the place where Vernors the ginger Soda got invented, and has the biggest Jazz festival in the world!
Lansing is the capital of Michigan. It is mostly in Ingham county, but a little bit in Eaton county. Lansing is 35 square miles. The population is approximately 115,000 people, with nearly 3,280 per square mile. Michigan State University and Potter Park Zoo are both located in Lansing. The goverment of Michigan works in Lansing.
West Bloomfield is located in Oakland county in southeast Michigan, having cass lake, the biggest lake in Oakland county. 26 lakes and 150 ponds are in the township, the second most in Michigan. 23 recreational areas are in West Bloomfield, with a library awarded the national medal, the biggest honor for libraries.
Michigan has 4 great lakes surrounding it Erie, Michigan, Superior, and Huron. The only great lake not next to Michigan is Lake Ontario. Lake Michigan is located on the Western coast of Michigan, Erie to the east, Superior north and Huron east. Lake Huron and Michigan are joined by the straits of Mackinac. The largest lake is Superior, second place is Michigan being 118 miles wide and 307 tall. Superior is the deepest and largest lake, Huron the northeast one, Erie the hottest and Michigan in second place in the categories Superior leads in.
Michigan Map-2
Fun Facts
Michigan has the most water of any state
Michigan is the main state for the auto industry
Michigan has the longest snowmobile trails combined in the entire country
Michigan is the state with the most great lakes surrounding it
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