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Eco Friendly?

Dara Dziedzic Kayla Bolger Period 3

Dara Chicken

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Eco Friendly?

Can Packaging be Eco-Friendly? Why yes, yes it can. By:
Kayla Bolger
Dara Dziedzic For example... Let's use the example of a newspaper sleeve. Instead of plastic you could replace it with a degradable mixture of recycled newspaper, apple sauce, pepper and recycled wood chips. It would make an opaque brown color. Just toss it into the compost or throw it away. It'll degrade one way or the other. Why it's important... Well, the number of plastic bags being thrown away is increasing at frightening speeds. To prevent total overthrow of plastic trash, switch to opaque degradable holder. Why the old package is bad: Its plastic. plastic never degrades. ENough said.
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