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Samuel Melhado

on 31 May 2016

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Transcript of Greece

All Around The World - GREECE
By: Samuel and Jacob
Since the beginning of time Greeks have viewed music as a gift from the gods.
Each instrument was dedicated to a specific god.
It is seen throughout history that music was a important part of Greek history.
Greek Music Origins
One instrument from Greece is the Lyra Crete.
The Lyra Crete is a instrument similar to violin in that it is bowed.
However, it only has three strings, and is played on the foot or the knee.
The instrument is tuned in fifths, and can sometimes have bells on the bow for accompaniment.
Greek Instruments - Lyra Crete
The Lyre was a stringed instrument and is probably the most important and well known.
In Greek mythology, the lyre was created by Hermes, The Messenger god.
He created it from a tortoise shell, gut and reeds to steal Apollo's 50 prize cattle.
This instrument has started with 3 to 4 strings, but now has up to 12 strings.
Greek Instruments- the Lyre
Greek Culture
Music was a universal part of greek culture, from weddings to funerals to religious ceremonies.
Music was also a important part of Greek education with productions, with theaters holding plays, recitals, and competitions.
Greek Language
Greek Words
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