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Sphere Interactions

No description

Marianna Murphy

on 6 November 2014

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Transcript of Sphere Interactions

Sphere Interactions
By: Marianna Murphy
Sphere Interactions
These are 9 events and there interactions.
Four Spheres
These are the four sphere's.
Sphere interactions are interactions between the bio, geo, hydro, and atmosphere's.
Forest Fire
Snowstorm and wind(A) is what really
starts a avalanche. Heavy
snowfall(H) can help build up more snow.
Humans(B) have started some with
bombs or other destruction.
The avalanche charges down a
Warm moist air rises from the
ocean.(H) As this continues, some
heat is transferred from the surface(G)into the atmosphere. As this happens heavy rain(A) and high wind speeds become a massive storm.
Destroying homes and families.(B)
A tsunami can be caused by a powerful
earthquake.(G) The earthquake causes the waves(H)to move at a fast speed. Powerful
winds(A) causes the tsunamis speed. When it hits the shore, giant waves drown city's and
open town's.(B)
Global Warming
Lighnting(H) causes forest fires to start.
The fire spreads by ground fires.(G) This
fire creates its own wind(A). Trees are burned
and animals homes are lost.(B)
Heavy Rainfall.(A) That rain goes
into the rivers or oceans.(H) And when the
water level is overrun, a massive body
of water floods nearby towns or citys.(B)
And nearby forests.(G)
Volcanic Eruption
Rock from the mantle(L) starts to melt. Extremely high
temperature causes the mantle to become liquid rock(G).
Volcanic ash rises into the air(A). Affecting the earth's climate or weather(H).
Water Cycle
Water Cycle
The Earth's crust(L) starts to vibrate. Then the
tectonic plates(G) rub against each other, causing
the surface(B) to shake. Making everything on the
surface get thrown around. This process can cause
many tsunami's.(H)
From humans burning fossil fuels, carbon dioxide goes up into the atmosphere.(A) This is causing the earth's crust(L) to heat up. Sea levels (H)start or begin to rise. Global warming make's the earth's climate(G) change. This climate change can make many animals(B) die because of of the random weather.
The water cycle start off by the precipitation(A) coming from the sky. Meaning heavy rainfall(G). As this rain goes to the surface(G), it creates puddle's. During the day as the sun is out, the rain(H) goes up. But you can't see it, so its like slowly flowing through the air back up to the atmosphere(A).
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