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my favorite Disney movie is monster university

No description

Mara Espinosa

on 2 October 2013

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Transcript of my favorite Disney movie is monster university

more about of the movie

and he have many conflicts with soliban becuse he want to be better and one day expuls zoliban and mike of monster university and mike said to the director if they win the games they will be in the school agin and they won and they go a gain to monster universty
my favorite Disney movie is monster university

the movie video
what company is monster univercity
it is of disney becuse they do the movie for to get a movie for the people and to get mony

what is about the movie
the caractes

Mike Wazowski
James P. Sullivan
Randall Boggs
Henry J. Waternoose III
Celia Mae
Johnny Worthington
Dean Hardscrabble
Yeti (Monsters, Inc.)
Scott "Squishy" Squibbles
Terri and Terry Perry
George Sanderson
Don Carlton
Archie the Scare Pig

why do i like monsters university
because is like very nice and is very fiction with the monster. It like scary in some parts and its to like very funny and sad in some scenes and its like very nice for kids i liked alot becuse monster inc was my fist movie when i was little and my mom told me that ai lafght very much and i cray becuse there were monster hhaha.
by: mara espinosa
it about mike when he was little he went to the monster work and the see one monster and the monster give him a cap of monster university and the said when he be big he want to be an monster and to sudy in the monster university to be a good a monster and he grew and go to the university and he went and there were in a class and some one came named zoliban and his dad was mr. zolivan the biges monster in the university and mike want to win becuse he wants to be a history in the monster university
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