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Prezi 3 Staghorn Coral

here is where the staghorn coral group edits their original prezi

Emma Fehlig

on 14 November 2012

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Transcript of Prezi 3 Staghorn Coral

Ecosystems are important! (+) (cc) image by nuonsolarteam on Flickr (-) Lake Alice also contributes a number of other ecosystem services which
positively affect the Organic gardens, including carbon sequestration, erosion reduction, water and air detoxification, and aesthetic beauty. -PM This water catch design should be included in the lesson plan for young people because it is the initial source of the life that the young people will be learning about and creating on campus. This design could be used in all sorts of gardens in many different environments. - EF When children go on environmental field trips, they get hands on experience with important ecosystems and learn how to be responsible for their own actions. S.H. Runoff from these impervious surfaces is conveyed through a series of culverts, storm drains, creeks, and ponds...... Placement for organic gardens and practices that will yield a successful garden. -- KD One example of an important ecosystem is Lake Alice. They provide a number of services and products that we use everyday. They are vastly interlinked through food webs and life cycles which affect many other habitats and ecosystems around them. About 40% of the watershed is covered by impervious surfaces i.e., roads, buildings, parking spaces, and other hard surfaces. .....directly into Lake Alice. -- V.H Why do we need to know that ecosystems are important? Because ignorance and apathy can cause people to litter, and abuse the ecosystem. How can we reduce ignorance and apathy? Teach people about the importance of ecosystems from a young age.
Get people involved in the ecosystems -- give them something of which they can take ownership. Our plan for doing this: Field trips and workshops to Lake Alice/Organic Gardens for elementary and/or middle school students to educate them. Where the students can learn about: Where the students can be involved in making: to bring health and pollinators to the ecosystem. Giving them a sense of ownership over the area, reducing apathy. Where they can learn about ecosystem products and services. To educate them about ways to conserve water. Where they can learn what "organic" means. The Lake Alice watershed drains approximately 60% of the UF main campus.
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