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Honey Cocaine

No description

Sandy Vilaihong

on 22 March 2013

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Transcript of Honey Cocaine

Honey Cocaine By : Sandy Vilaihong Personal BackGround Music ! Influences Albums/ Songs Lyrical Analysis Music Genre Q & A Name : Sochitta Sal
Birthplace : Toronoto , Canada
Bday : October 22, 1992 (20)
Ethnicity Race : Cambodian
Favorite Food: Shrimp crackers, Hotdogs,
& Rice
First Mixtape : Fuck Yo Feelings
Record Label : Last Kings
Album Release : 2013 She is signed to Last Kings,
Tyga's record label.
Honey cocaine is a metaphor.
It means sweet & addicting music.
Honey is the filling inside & cocaine is the raw outside.
She does not give a fuck what you think or how you feel but yet she is still a sweetheart ! H.Cocaine favorite rapper is Tupac.
She grew up listening to him on 106 & Park.
She says that she can relate to his music & wanted to write her own.
She starte writing poetry @ 6 yrs.
At 11 when her englished improved she started her raps. Honey Cocaine does alot of hiphop.
What makes her unique is that she is asain !
Also she has a couple bars.
Some people believe she is a
female Tyga .
She raps about her life .
She is a little thug (: Mafia : Cause i aint finna tolerate
this shit you talk, unless the bitch a
boss, she getting boxed, they say
Coca been on, & bitch you not. i be
bout it but i aint the type to start shit.
Asian bitch never a fool, always some
smart shit .

She will bang & she not
worried about shit ! 90's Gold & Fuck Yo Feelings
mixtape came out 2012
Her album should be coming
out this year. The song
Heisman with Tyga
was her first exposure.
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