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"Only The Good Spy Young"

No description

Tiffany Walters

on 17 January 2014

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Transcript of "Only The Good Spy Young"

Main Characters
"Only The Good Spy Young"
By: Madeline Smith
By: Ally Carter

So it's winter break and Cammie is spending it with Bex and her parents in London. Mr. Solomon also shows up. Everyone says Mr. Solomon is a double agent. Sublevel 2 is shut off and nobody can access it because Mr. Solomon turned on explosives to protect Cammie's dad's journal.


Mr. Solomon joined the Circle of Cavan when he was 16! Cammie finds out that the journal is in Sublevel 2. The girls get the journal while almost dying in the process. Inside, Cammie's dad talks about the Circle. And they want to stop them. Joe is the good guy all along even though he is labeled a double agent
They decide to go to Blackthorne to get Joe's journal which has everything about the Circle from when they first recruited him. Zach and Cammie kiss :] Then we find out that Blackthorne Institute for Boys is not a spy school. It's a school for killers. Assassins. Cammie asks, "What could you have possibly done that is so terrible?" Cammie says, "Really. You can tell me." Zach responds, "No. I really can't." dun dun dun

So they get the journal! Easy, right? Wrong! The Circle is back! And the woman from the roof is there and there's a big shocker. THE WOMAN IS ZACH'S MOM. (p.s. when Cammie first meets Zach, she asks him what his parents are. She asks, "CIA?" He responds, "Used to be." Meaning that they're not dead, but evil!) Oh and his mom USED TO BE A GALLAGHER GIRL!
Something sad happens. Zach gives her the journal and he shoots a bag of explosives. Cammie believes Zach and Joe are dead. Zach's mother is alive and Cammie is facing his mother. While she's looking at his mom, she thinks, "Her eyes. She has the same dark eyes as her son. As she looked at me, I couldn't shake the feeling that I'd never see his face again." *tear* His mother says they don't want to kill her. She just wants to ask her questions to "remember some things." Cammie really wants to kill Zach's mom and she can. But then his mom says "If you kill me, then who will take you to your father?" Cammie jumps off the cliff into the waterfall. She dislocates her shoulder in the process (ouch!).
Joe and Zach are ALIVE! However, Joe is sleeping (coma?)!! Zach escapes with a few cuts and bruises. Cammie asks her mother if there's any chance of her dad being alive. And she says no. She gives Joe's journal to Zach because Joe wanted Zach to have it. She asks him about her father. He says his mother lies alot!

No one knows why the Circle wants Cammie. She doesn't want to risk anyone's safety. She knows the Circle is after *her*. Zach is there too. Cammie's mom is letting him go to school there because there isn't any place that is safe for him. Cammie asks why he didn't tell her about his mom. He says, "I couldn't. I couldn't lose the one person who didn't see *her* when they looked at me. I couldn't lose that." (this explains at the end of the third book when the guy with the gun says "You?" He probably looks *a lot* like his mom). He tells Cammie they should run away together.They are the only two people the Circle would think twice about killing. They kiss, but Cammie says she can't leave with him. And he replies, "I know." After she hands in her last report, she runs alone. She promises to be back. And when she is, she will have answers.
Main Idea
main idea
The main idea of Only the good spy young is that you dont have to listen to anyone to know what you believe.
Just like when Zach's mom told Cammie that her dad was still alive and she was the only one who could take her to him.Even though she lies alot and is the head of "The Circle", Cammie believed that her dad was alive,but she didnt need anyone to tell her that.
a different ending...
If i could choose what the ending turned out to be is that,Cammies dad comes home,they capture all the circle,Mr.Solomon is let free,and they shut down Blackthorne.
Vocab. words
Hoax-something intended to deceive or defraud.
Academy-a secondary or high school,especially a private one.
Transcendent-going beyond ordinary limits.
about the author
Ally Carter was born on Jan. 1, 1974.She graduated from Oklahoma State University and Cornell University.The first book that she did that made her famous, was the book,"Cheating at Solitaire".It was realesed in 2005.She is not married and doesn't have any kids.
I just want to give thanks to google for letting me get info.,Mrs.Johnson for making me do this report,Prezi.com,and lastly,my friends and family that supported me all through this!
Hope everyone enjoyed! I worked really hard!Thanks for watching!
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