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Solar Oven

No description

gyati bhaskar

on 16 June 2015

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Transcript of Solar Oven

The Solar Oven
solar ovens

THe Box oven
The Panel solar Oven
the parabolic solar oven
Advanced Solar Oven
"Easy-Bake oven"
The Box Oven
The panel oven
The Parabolic oven
the test

~A Solar oven is usually made of RECYCLED MATERIAL and is used to cook or bake food in order to save electricity and other pollutants that may harm the environment.

There are
main types of solar ovens:

The Box Oven
The Panel Oven
The Parabolic Oven
This type of oven uses flat mirrors to bring reflected rays towards the middle where a pot is located.
A solar pizza box oven is a type of solar cooker that uses sunlight to heat food. A pizza box solar cooker is a simple and the easiest to make.
How it works
* The box/pot in the middle is heated up by using the sun's energy.
* The sun's rays enter both direct and reflected then they're aimed
at the pot/box that's in the middle which is surrounded by mirrors.
How it works
* A solar cooker lets the
light rays in and then converts them to longer infrared light rays that cannot escape because the box is positioned to keep rays and heat in.

* If the pot is a dark colour or is black then the sun's rays turn into
heat because the sun's heat is now absorbed by black or dark

Interesting Facts
* This type of oven uses the greenhouse effect (Which I'll Explain)
* It's not the sun cooking the food or the temperature but instead its the suns rays that are converted to heat energy that cook the food and this heat energy is then sealed by the pot and the food by the means of a covering or lid.
After it is sealed and the food cooks for a bit
it becomes a decent meal or a sweet treat.
This Quick video is an actual experiment done by us and .....
1) The world's largest oven is in India and serves over 20,000 people per day.
Visual explanation
2) Solar cookers produce no greenhouse gases and use no oil, gas, wood, coal or other polluting fuels.
The sun's energy is transformed into heat energy to cook or bake the food.
Visual Diagram
Reflected ray
Direct ray
Greenhouse Effect (heat surrounded)
3) The first solar oven was made in 1870 by Augustine Mouchot.
heated facts
4) One must wear sunglasses when looking into a solar cooker, since the sun's reflected rays can deeply hurt one's eyes.
100-watt incandescent light bulbs were used to heat the oven so that recipes would cook more quickly and evenly if heat originated from both sides of the food.

Hasbro wanted to make more profit so they installed ceramic heating in the new re-design.

2006 re-design was recalled due to the fact of kids getting 2nd and 3rd degree burns

In 2011 after dozens of complaints, Hasbro recalled the toy.

More than 200 kids wound up with burns.

One 5-year-old girl was so badly burned that doctors amputated part of her finger.
Ceramic heaters generate heat by passing electricity through heating wires in the plates. The plates heat aluminum baffles, and a fan blowing across the baffles heats the air. Ceramic heaters are usually portable and typically used for heating a room or small office.
A mirrror or foil is placed to reflect the UV rays through the plastic wrap or glass to the object.
The plastic wrap gives a good surface just like a magnifying glass
The box is placed at a desired area and the inside is painted black.
A few Facts
Cardboard Box
Aluminum Foil
Black Construction Paper
Plastic Wrap
Solar cookers enable people from all over the world to cook and pasteurize water easily.
Even though it can be easily built, but takes twice as much time or more to cook using a solar cooker.
Using solar cookers would reduce fuel consumption and desertification in sun-rich areas.
Materials Used
This type of ovenmay heat up to 400 degrees fahrenheit or 204 degrees celcius.
It is difficult to find the center point on this type of oven.
An easy bake oven uses electricity instead of sunlight because it is made for children and it allows kids to cook food more quickly.
This oven is effective enough to work during the winter time.
Some of the Panel cookers are used in contries that dont have electric ovens
This oven is fun to use but be careful when using them. you don't want to burn yourself
Cons: limited to glass and pots and are very slow and are best for "one dish foods"
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