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Fallen by Lauren Kate

Fictional book about Fallen angles

Anastasia Vincent

on 20 December 2012

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Transcript of Fallen by Lauren Kate

Fallen by Lauren Kate Protagonist Conflict Theme The book Fallen takes place mostly at a school called Sword & Cross. Situation Imagery Figurative Language Short Summary At the end everybody finds out that Daniel is the good guy and he is the angel and that Cam is the bad guy and is the bad angel. Through the book some hints that the author gives us that Daniel is an angel is that everybody knows that he is hiding something and he wont tell anyone what it is or even talk about it with anyone except for Luce at the end. Also in the book Luce and her friend goes through his profile about him and it says nothing about his family or anything about him or his life. Through the whole book until the end I thought Cam was the good guy and Daniel was the bad guy but its the opposite. At the beginning Luce's parents sent her to this school called Swords & Cross where kind of crazy people go to. Luce is going there because she has these shadow issues. At first when Luce got there she didn't want to be there because all the people looked weird, scary, and bad and the school seemed like a torture. But as Luce got to know people she started to make some friends. Luce notices that there is this guy Cam who really likes her and this other guy Daniel who likes her two but he is hiding it and he seems bad. As Luce got to know her friends and Cam and Daniel more she started to like the school more and more. Luce really likes Daniel more then Cam but she doesn't want to tell him that because then he will be very mad and angry. So Luce tells Cam that she doesn't really like him and she likes Daniel. So Daniel gets really mad and starts this little was over Luce with Daniel. Luce then figures out What Daniel had been hiding from everyone. Something that will shook everybody. What do you think the secret he has been hiding is? The tone that the author uses in this book is mad, angry, mysterious, and happy. I would say this because the author chances her tone a lot in this book. Every now and then it will be different. She will use her happy tone is something good and happy is happening in this book. She will use her angery tone if she is mad about something or if the character is mad about something in the book and so on. The protagonist in the book Fallen is Daniel. The five characteristics are nice,caring, hero, loving, mysterious. I would say Daniel is nice because at the beginning he wasn't very nice to Luce but at the end he was. He is caring because he cares about Luce and other people. He is a hero because every time Luce is in trouble Daniel is always there to save her. He is loving because he really likes his girlfriend Luce and he really loves her. Daniel is also mysterious because at the beginning of the story he was very mysterious because he wont tell anyone about him and everyone was wondering about him but then people figured our his secrets. Character vs Daniel The main theme of this story is love. I would say its love because this girl name Luce comes to thew Swords & Cross school and these two guys name Daniel and Cam fall in love with her. Cam really likes Luce and at the beginning she really liked him two and he was really nice and caring to her. But then she notices this guy Daniel. She starts really liking him but she knows he is hiding something and everyone is telling her to stay away from him because hi is bad. At the end Luce doesn't really like Cam anymore and likes Daniel a lot so she breaks up with Cam. Cam gets really mad. At the end of the story Daniel and Luce really like each other and start kind of going out. So Cam and Daniel have this little war over Luce because Cam is really mad about Daniel and Luce liking and going with each other. Setting Where When The time of this story takes place in the present. At the beginning of the book this girl names Luce who got
sent to the school Sword & Cross because she has these shadow problems. Cam vs Daniel The main conflict in this book is Luce, Daniel and Cam. They are the main conflict because Cam really likes Luce and Daniel also really likes Luce. So Daniel and Cam get in some fights over her. Luce at first liked Cam because he was really nice to her and Daniel was really mean to her. Then Luce figured out that Cam was the bad person the whole time and that Daniel was the good person. Luce and Daniel really like each other and Cam is not very happy about that so Cam and Daniel start this kind of small was.
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