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No description

Genevieve Mylne

on 7 September 2014

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Transcript of Dogs

Now, what you have all been waiting for, the one, the only, Boo!!!
For people who don't know, boo is the worlds cutest dog. and when I say cute i don't mean cute,I mean CCUUTTEE!
dog world records
Dog facts
There is a total of 400 million Dogs in
the world.
dogs aren"t just kept as family pets,
they are used for farm work, security
and guide.
More boo
This is a short video of boo
My prezi will be about Dogs. A dog is an animal with a very good sense of smell. Here are some different breeds.
Golden Retriever
shih tzu
Dash hound
guide dog
Farm dog

Security Dogs
There are over 3OO dog breeds in the world.
Do you know how much the worlds most expensive dog is? lets watch the video to find out....

Weighing 245 kilograms, giant george is
the worlds tallest dog.he is 1.10 meters
Boo was born on the 16th of march
2006 in san fransisco.
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