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Searching for a job

No description

Paul McNamee

on 5 January 2013

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Transcript of Searching for a job

Discussion What is your dream
job? The door to your new job is open! Now you know:

- Your objective How to get started Searching for a new job General Objective Where to begin? Now you know your objective - Begin to focus your search Mark Holden
Age: 26
Qualification: Customer service Objective What is your objective? Management position where I can effectively utilize my expertise in human relations, project management, and staff recruitment and retention 1. level or type of position Requirement of job/skills you bring to job USEFUL PHRASE! Name:
Qualification ? OBJECTIVE: where I can effectively utilize my expertise in Specific Objective Julie Gardner
Age: 41
Qualification: Objective Position as design manager for CBS Design Designer Specific position and company NB: Use for applications to specific positions indeed.com Use the job search engines to find jobs by using keywords from your 'objective' and choose the location where you want to work. (see course for full list of websites) My Dream Job Kevin Kim My dream job would probably be working as a translator for the U.N. That would allow me to utilize my expertise in Chinese language translation. I think there are not many vacancies
for such positions and that only experienced people are recruited. I would be happy to begin as a low level intern and work my way up the career ladder Age: 35 Qualification: Translator utilize = use, make use of
expertize (US) expertise (UK) = expert knowledge What kind of expertise do you have? Where did you start on the career ladder? What is your 'objective' What does 'objective' mean? Your objective means the goal you have for your future employment. In the objective section of a resume the writer states his or her goals for employment. What kind of job are you looking for? What kind of company to you want to work for? What kind of work do you want to do? Our objective is to reach the summit Search using your objective keywords Where? look for suitable results BUILD YOUR PROFILE Why do you think it is useful to use these types of websites? Research companies Where would you like to work? Which organisation would you most like to work for? Why?

What do you know about the company?

Do they have any current vacancies? - Where to search for appropriate vacancies - how to create a professional brand - how to research companies Next step? Learn how to do a perfect cover letter and ace your interview!
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