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Lummi Tribe

History and Storytelling

Amanda Peone

on 20 March 2013

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Transcript of Lummi Tribe

They are the people of the Southern British Columbia and the northernmost coast of Washington State. A Little Backgroud First Salmon Ceremony Salmon Woman and her children Northwest Coastal Tribes Mythological Creatures Kulshan and his two wives Their protein- rich diet consisted primarily of salmon, trout, shellfish, elk, deer and other wild life. Ceremony to respect the gift that the
Salmon Woman provides them:
the sacrifice of her salmon children. Techniques used to catch salmon is known as
reef-netting. This rite is a community affair in honoring the life of the salmon. They went in the direction they originally came with Raven. She vowed to never bring her children to a place they are not wanted or appreciated. Xe'las: The Changer. A transformer figure who has the power to change people, animals, and landscapes into various forms; which in turns brings balance to the world.
Raven: He not only helps people, but he also has a trickster spirit. Many stories he's in has to do with his playful behavior which tends to get him into trouble.
Mink: Trickster character in the Straits Salish culture. He is in many stories with the Raven, more often the protagonist. Compare the two and Mink is the more negative one.
Basket Ogress: Giant cannibal monster. She takes human children and carries them off in her massive pack basket.
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