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A New Leaf by Fitzgerald

No description

Wintra Rice

on 26 March 2014

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Transcript of A New Leaf by Fitzgerald

A New Leaf by Fitzgerald
The Characters in A New Leaf:
Julia Ross is the main character in this book. She is young and in love. She falls in love with Dick Ragland. Not because of his personality, but because of his looks. She finds that his love for her was not the same as her love for him.
Story summary
In A New Leaf the characters go from New York to Paris, and Julia also goes to California at one point. Julia is the main character who falls in love with Dick the very well of looking man. When in Paris, Phil, Julia's best friend introduces Julia to Dick. Dick falls in love with her at first sight, although it takes Julia a few times of meeting to feel the same way. Phil being a good friend tries to keep Julia from this horrid man. After Dick's trip back to New York, and also Julia's trip to California to visit her family, Dick tells Julia that he has broken his promise to her about not drinking. He also brings to her the fact that he had also cheated on her with another woman, because he couldn't bare being alone. After telling her about what he has done, he tells her that he is leaving off to London on a business trip. That will give her time to think about wanting to be with him and whether or not to marry him. She believes he will come back a changed man. Little does sh know, Dick Ragland was lost at sea. She later gets married to Phil.
Literary devices used in A New Leaf
Foreshadowing is used when Dick Ragland fails to show up for Julia's and his first date because of his drinking problem. This shows that drinking is the main problem in their relationship. One of the reasons they end up splitting up and going their separate ways.
In A New Leaf The theme is about how we are not able to change who we are unless we have the want and ambition to do so. This book is also about falling in love with ones looks and not merely their personality: which is stated in the end not to do so.
Dick Ragland is of course the man Julia falls in love with. He uses women with his looks and is aware that he can do so.His reputation in Paris is very bad. He is an alcoholic and has problems being faithful in relationships. He travels from New York to Paris often. He ends up being lost at sea.
Phil Hoffman is Julia's close friend. He is the man who introduces Julia to Dick. He tries to keep Julia from falling in love with Dick. He also has strong feelings for her. In the end Julia and Phil get married that is of course after Dick dies at sea.
There is also strong signs of imagery in the short story. The book has certain times of the years, descriptions of the rooms and the most commonly noticed one is the face expressions.
Characterization is used throughout this book. It uses certain names and actions to describe them as upper class. Julia being old actions, Dick being the filthy upper class, and Phil being the man to give her what she needs and wants.
Symbolic to Foster's book?
A New Leaf is Symbolic to How to Read Literature Like A Professor . The chapter that I found it symbolic to is Chapter 1. Every trip is a quest (Except when it's not) relates to the short story A New Leaf. Foster states that for it to be a quest it would need these 5 things a. A quester b. A place to go c. A stated reason to go there d. Challenges and trials e. The real reason to go—always self-know.
The many trips over sea leaves Dick Ragland (the quester) feeling that want and lust for love. This is where Julia comes into play. She gives him a reason to make that trip (over seas to Paris). But is this a quest for Dick? Or is it in him to use women and alcohol occasionally ( a challenge and trial. Being the fact that he told Julia he would stop drinking). Julia is an excuse to bring out his true unfaithful and dishonest self. His "quest " to see Julia is only his way of hiding his true self (The reason to go). Or maybe he really did love Julia and couldn't essape from him self.
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