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Student Activities

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Transcript of Student Activities

Sport Day
We practice the cheer to show the spirit in sportday and sportnight.
Spirit Running
to Doi Suthep
Sport Club
There are a lot of sport clubs in our faculty. All of the clubs will be the faculty's representative to compete with another faculties in Chiangmai University, or in Gear game which we compete with all of engineering students from every universities in Thailand.
Freshman Initiation
Freshman can get to know one another from several cities, have a good relation with friends and seniors
Seniority : the senior take care, give the advise about studying, activities, and live in University to the junoir.
We have a lot of valunteer activities ; Street cleaning, Dam building
Student Activities
Faculty of Engineering
Chiang Mai University
Activities Relations
-Sophomore arrange all of the activities for the freshman
Freshman Spirit Show
The freshman arrange the show by themselves ; dancing, singing, play.
-such as fun games, funny costume, funny songs, funny dance
The freshman can get to know one another, and get together to arrange the create show.
Sepak Takraw
The junior create and arrange everything with the help from the sophomore and the senior.
The freshman are on the stand ; sing the cheer songs, and display the show in the night
The athletics club are our representative to compete the running, jumping etc.
Parade in the morning
Stand Cheer
Every year, Chiangmai University has the most incredibly significant tradition that is Running up to worship the Buddha Relics in Wat Pra Thad Doi Suthep Temple which is the Chiangmai's landmark mountain.
Help one another to achieve
To Worship the
Buddha Relics
Order : The student follow the University's rule and the student's duty.
Tradition : Considering the tradition, and follow the good and useful tradition.
Unity : We harmonize and help one another ; friend, junior, senior, whoever.
Spirit : taking one for the team
by Nattida Tachaboon

Thank You
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