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Writing a Script

Yr 10 Shakespeare unit

Gunilla Tinius

on 12 March 2015

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Transcript of Writing a Script

Are you the next Shakespeare?
Which Shakespearean theme will drive your storyline?
Shakespearean themes include:
Before you even begin...you need to develop your idea
Don't lose the PLOT!
A plot:
Is an introduction to the characters
Requires a problem, which brings the characters into conflict with each other
Offers a solution to the problem, which usually happens after the play reaches its climax
A good idea is to create a road-map of what will happen in your play. That way, you don't get side-tracked, and can work out any holes in your plot before they become problems.
Remember to stay on track!
What's my scene?
The setting is where the story takes place
In your script, you need to write a brief introduction which sets the scene (or have a narrator describe it for you)
In a diner?
On a boat?
In a favela? (the ghetto of Rio de Janiero)
It's character building!
The characters are the people who are involved in the play
Before you write your script, you need to have a clear picture of your characters (it may help to write a full description of them on your planning sheet)
Keep the number of main characters as small as possible
Give your characters distinctive features
Use the correct layout:
Name of play
Character list with brief description of characters
Name of scene (e.g. Scene 1: In the Forest)
A short paragraph which sets the scene
Script (with stage directions in brackets)
Things to keep in mind:
Start a new line each time a new character speaks (you do not need to use quotation marks)
Put the name of the speaker in the left-hand margin, followed by a colon (:)
Give stage directions in brackets, and use italics. Stage directions aren't spoken, but tell the actors what they need to do
Now it's your turn:
Writing a playscript
RRH: Yes, mother I know the way.
Mother: Be sure to keep to the path now, don’t wander off and get lost.
RRH: No mother. I’ll keep to the path.
Mother: And don’t talk to any strangers.
RRH: I won’t. (As an aside to the audience.) Not that there is ever any one in the woods.
Mother: (Giving the basket to RRH and kissing her on the cheek) Do be careful, and give Grandma my love won’t you. Tell her I’ll be along tomorrow to see that she’s alright.
RRH: (With hand on door handle, turning to face mother) I’ll be back before you know it. Bye!
Mother: Bye love! Take care! (Quietly to self) I do hope she’ll be O.K. I don’t like her being in those woods all alone. You never know what might happen.
Set the scene
In the kitchen, Mother is packing a basket on the kitchen table, whilst Red Riding Hood puts on her cape.

Now the script (stage directions in brackets)
Mother: (Firmly) Be sure to carry the basket carefully, so as not to damage the cakes.
RRH: (Kindly) Of course mother, they are so prettily decorated. I wouldn’t want to spoil them.
Mother: You know the way? We’ve been so many times together, you should do.
Scene 1:
Kitchen in a little cottage
How would Shakespeare do it?
Remember, most of the characters are dead by the end of a Shakespearean play
Your task for this unit:
So...what are you waiting for!
Write a script that deals with one of the universal themes studied in class in a modern context.
Class and homework time to prepare
Length 400 – 500 words
Word processed

Draft due: Week 8 (Mon 16 March)
Final copy due: Week 9 (Mon 23 March)
Don't forget to write full and interesting character descriptions!
Feuds (fights)
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