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Magcon Boys<3

No description

Jessica L.

on 28 April 2014

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Transcript of Magcon Boys<3

Cameron Dallas
Nash's vine name is- Nash Grier and his second account is- Nash Grier 2
His Instagram is @nashgrier
His Ask.fm is @ImNGrier

Nash Hamilton Grier, was born on December 28, 1998, he wasn't an only child either, he has an older brother, and when Nash was about 4 he became an older brother to Hayes Grier, and then when he was about 12, he added ANOTHER sibling to his family, and this time it was a girl named Skylynn. Nash now is living in North Carolina. Nash is SO close to passing his 1 year anniversary with Vine, his first vine was April 15,2013!
Nash Grier
Shawn's Social Media:
Vine: Shawn Mendes
Instagram: @shawnnmendes
Shawn Mendes
Aaron's Social Media:
Vine: Aaron Carpenter
Instagram: @aaroncarpenter
Aaron Braden Carpenter was born on October 5,1998. Aaron is an only child, but the Magcon boys are basically his brothers! Aaron is currently living in California. Aaron's first Vine was made on SEPTEMBER 26,2013! But in the past couple of months Aaron has gained 512K!!!
Aaron Carpenter
Magcon Boys
Who They Really Are

By, Jessica Lincoln
Period 5:)

Matt's Social Media:
Vine: Matt Espinosa
Instagram: @itsmattespinosa

Matthew Lee Espinosa was born on June 16,1997, but Matt isn't the only person in his family that shares that birthday because Matt has a TWIN! Her name is Karli! Matt is now living in the state of Virginia! Matt filmed his very first Vine on March 28,2013, so Matt has been filming for MORE THAN 1 YEAR! When Matt 'freaks out' in his videos he does a very high pitched scream.
Matt Espinosa
Taylor Caniff
Talyor's Social Networks:
Vine: Taylor Caniff

Taylor Michael Caniff was born February 3,1996. Taylor is technically an only child but the Magcon boys are just like his real brothers. Taylor is now living in Indiana. Taylor didn't make/revine for the first time until May 8! One of Taylor's signatures is the bandana! He always has a bandana on and they always match his outfit! About 1 week ago Taylor hurt his elbow!
Jack&Jack's Social Media:
Vine(shared): Jack&Jack
Jack G.: @jackgilinsky
Jack J.: @jackjackohnson
Jack Finnegan Gilinsky (brown hair) was born on September 10, 1996. Jack Edward Johnson was born on March 24, 1996, these two boys quickly became life long friends! Both boys go to the same high school, Westside HS, and live in the same state (obviously). The state in which both boys live in would be Nebraska. Niether of the boys have a biological sibling but to each other they are brothers. Jack&Jack made their first Vine on April 18,2013, which is right around the corner! Just like Shawn these boys make music! They actually have some songs in iTunes! The links to the songs are in both Jack G. AND Jack J.'s Instagram biography's (GO CHECK THEM OUT!)
Cameron Alexander Dallas was born on September 8, 1994 but he wasn't an only child, he has a sister, Sienna Dallas. He is now living in California! Cameron recently reached a mile stone of Vining for 1 YEAR! He filmed his first vine of April 9th, 2013. Cameron is the oldest out of all of the Magcon Boys!
Hayes Grier
Hayes' Social Media:
Vine: Hayes Grier
Instagram: @hayes_instagram

Cameron's Social Media:
Vine: Cameron Dallas
Instagram: @cams_instagram
Hayes Grier was born on June 8,2000. By the time Hayes was born he already had two siblings, Will and Nash, and when Hayes was about 7 years old he welcomed yet another sibling, Skylynn! Hayes' first Vine account was apparently shared between himself and his brother, Nash, but the account was under Nash's name. Hayes lives in North Carolina with his siblings (not Will because Will is attending college at the University of Florida!) Some people don't consider Hayes a part of Magcon but I do because he makes Vines and is very popular! Hayes now has his own Vine account and his first Vine on that page was made on April 15,2013, just like his brother. ( I think that they made a backup account,they being Hayes and Nash, but then Hayes turned it into his own accout, or they put videos of the both of them on that one.) Like his brother, Will,Hayes plays football,his jersey number is also the same as Will, which is #7

Shawn Peter Raul Mendes was born on August 8,1998. Little did Shawn know that about 5 years later he would get a little sister! Her name is Aaliyah and she's 10! Unlike the other Magcon boys Shawn doesn't live in the United States, he lives in CANADA! Shawn's Vine account is filled with him singing! He does make funny Vines from time to time although! Shawn made his very first Vine on April 23,2013! After almost 1 year on Vine, Shawn gained 2 MILLION FOLLOWERS!
Taylor Caniff
Carter Reynolds
Carter McCoy Reynolds was born on May 24, 1996. Carter is an only child but the Magcon boys are his family. Carter's Vines consist of funniness, and silliness. Like Hayes and Nash, Carter lives in North Carolina.Carter loves to scare his mom in the car by screaming! Carter made his first Vine on May 21!
Carter's Social Media:
Vine: Carter Reynolds
Instagram: @mr_carterr
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