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GIT Workshop

No description

Ionut Vasiliu

on 14 December 2015

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Transcript of GIT Workshop

Centralized vs. Distributed VCS

in the cloud
no sys admin required
easy JIRA integration
intuitive UI

Git Extensions
integration with VS and Windows Explorer
Mature product
Basic concepts
Git Workflows
Basic concepts
Git Workflows
Basic concepts
Git Workflows
Basic concepts
Basic concepts
Basic GIT actions
Centralized Workflow
Feature Branch Workflow
Gitflow Workflow
Basic concepts
Git workflows
Forking Workflow
It's the only decentrelized workflow
Allows code review - keeps the central repository clean
DTAP approach- allows to setup Continuous integration
Migration from SVN to GIT
Combination of Forking and Gitflow

Git installation
Forking workflow in practice
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