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Fashion Follows Form Milestone Fashion show

No description

Samantha Davis

on 2 April 2011

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Transcript of Fashion Follows Form Milestone Fashion show

Newhouse School of Communications &
The College of Visual and Performing Arts Fashion Design Department present All Shapes and Sizes Clothes provided by Thrifty Shopper Milestone stylists created fashionable looks at an affordable price for a variety of shapes and sizes of models. Head Stylists:
Marteal Boniello
Hannah Slocum
Andrea mcInnes
mohammad diallo
grace o'meara Fashion for the Cure Modeling are friends and family members of breast cancer survivors Fashion's Conscience Student-run organization promotes underrepresented individuals in all fields of
the fashion industry. Fashion's Conscience explores

-the Swahili word for beauty-
in all its forms. Youth &and Fashion local high school and su students explore An eco-friendly approach to fashion VPA Fashion Design Department Exhibition Freshmen, sophomores, and juniors from VPA's Fashion Design Department showcase their original designs. Freshmen learn construction techniques and design skills. Sophomores developed collections inspired by a decade and playing it forward Juniors developed collections based on the philosophies of American fashion designers and icons, Geoffrey Beene and
Liz Claiborne. Clothes loaned by Thrifty Shopper Fashion Photography Display Thank you for attending the
fashion Communications milestone
fashion show! Dr. Carla Lloyd & Karen Bakke, Milestone Coordinators To stay connected with the milestone, follow

on twitter #FASCOMSU Jessica Tarrats, Program Coordinator Hannah Slocum, Director Special thanks to freshmen juniors sophomores Please join us for a reception immediately following the show. Take note of the

located along the lobby walls.

Created by Milestone students
in Prof. Lloyd's ADV 526 &
Prof. Larry Mason's PHO 530 students.
Headed by Prof. Laurel Morton. The 5th annual
Fashion and& Beauty Communications Milestone
fashion show FASHIOn FOLLOWS FORM: Fashion and Diversity fashion videos produced by
fashion and beauty communications milestone

trf 510: producing the fashion video
professor jason kohlbrenner
spring 2011 Please enjoy Donations accepted during reception. Help support
The American Cancer Foundation UZURI Funded by Partnership for Better Education upcycling fashion developing a diversity of designers Ready to Wear facebook.com/fascomSU
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