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SBG Presentation

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Bob Kuhn

on 12 August 2013

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Transcript of SBG Presentation

How do we make sure you are learning?
The Spirit of Learning
Learning should be fun.
Learning should allow creativity.
Learning should allow you to take risks
Learning should not be about what grade you are going to get.
Learning should not be about what college you are going to get into
What is a standard?
Standards are statements that describe what we (teachers/educators) want kids to be able to do as a result of their experiences at school.
Homework is not graded.
Behavioral grades are not given.
Completion is not given.
Most work is formative and scored on a 0-4 scale. These include informal labs, weekly quizzes, classroom formative methods.
Summative "tests" occur at the end of a unit/semester
All assessment is tied to standards and learning objectives.
Formative assessment will be scored on a 0-4 scale.
Formative scores will be tracked throughout the semester.
Parents will have an idea of where their kids are in terms of learning the standards and how they can improve.
Summative assessments are entered throughout the semester.
Final grade averages for formative are done by a combination of a weighted score and a cluster grade determination.
The main idea is to not focus on grades but on learning.
I want kids to ask/think:
1. Where am I going?
2. Where am I now?
3. How can I close the gap?
Where am I going?
Standards broken into learning objectives.
Every assignment is tied to a standard/learning objective.
Where am I now?
By allowing students to perform formative, low risk, assessments that are tracked.
By allowing non-graded homework practice.
By allowing re-assessment of specific learning objective initiated by me or the student.
By giving feedback on assignments and assessments and allowing kids to assess themselves and each other.
How can I close the gap?
Kids can take a re-test.
Kids can complete claim/evidence/reasoning activities
Kids can choose student-assessment idea of their choice
Kids/I track the progress of their learning during the semester
The focus on grades/points-my experience
Grades should have quality
Grades should have meaning
Grades should not drive a wedge between teachers/students, teachers/parents or students/parents
Grades should not reduce the kid's interest to learn
Grades should not reduce the ability for kids to take risks or prefer challenges
Grades should not reduce the quality of thinking
Grades should not distort the curriculum
The spirit of learning
The nature of grades
What are standards?
How can we work towards learning?
How can we fail and succeed?

Trust in SBG
Students must trust you
Meaningful work that will get them from point A to B.
You must trust your students
allow them to take risks and surprise you
You must trust yourself
SBG is a chance for kids/teacher to learn and show growth
Traditionally what do we use grades for?
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