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Appositives and Appositive phrases

No description

Emily Karas

on 16 August 2013

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Transcript of Appositives and Appositive phrases


, Fransisco Cleanodo,
lead a group of 1,100 people to look for gold.
Example: The

,Robert Frost,
is much admired.
Example: This
, a Studebaker
, is worth thousands of dollars.
appositive phrase:is a noun or pronoun with modifiers it is placed next to a noun or pronoun and adds information to the text
This is an example of an appositive phrase
Appositives and Appositive phrases
an appositive describes a noun or pronoun
an appositive is surrounded by commas
an appositive is placed before or after a noun or a pronoun
Quizz questions
name the appositives
1) The actor, Channing Tatum, is amazing!
2)The auther, Dr.Suess, has crazy storys.
3) My friend, Emily, is obsessed with one direction
4) The artist ,Andy Warhol, is known for his paintings of Campbells Soup cans.
5) The tv show, Pretty Little Liars, is very suspenceful.
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