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Wind Energy

Con Ines Merladet y cristina Echaniz

Corina Martrinez

on 22 January 2012

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Transcript of Wind Energy

We´ve used the wind as an energy source for a long time.
The Babylonians and Chinese were using wind power to pump water for irrigating crops 4,000 years ago, and sailing boats were around long before that.
Wind power was used in the Middle ages, in Europe to grind corn, wich is where the term windmill comes from.
The sun heats our atmosphere unevenly, so some patches become warmer than others.
This warm air patches rise, and makes the cooler air patches descend this make air movemt so the air bolws.
We can use the energy in the wind by building a tall tower with a large propeller on the top.
The wind blow the propeller round, wich turns a generator to produce electricity.
Wind energy has a capacity credit and can therefore be relied upon, even althought the wind is not allways available. Althought this capacity credit falls as penetration of wind and other non-firm...
How it works
Wind Power
Photo credits: 'horizon' by pierreyves @ flickr

•Wind is free.
•Wind farms need no fuel.
•Produces no waste or greenhouse gases.
•The land beneath can usually still be used for farming.
•Wind farms can be tourist attractions.
•A good method of supplying energy to remote areas.
•The wind is not always predictable, some days have no wind.
•Suitable areas for wind farms are often near the coast, where land is expensive.
•Some people feel that covering the landscape with these towers is unsightly.
•Can kill birds, migrating flocks tend to like strong winds.
However, this is rare, and we tend not to build wind farms on migratory routes anyway
•Can affect television reception if you live nearby.
•Can be noisy Wind generators have a reputation for making a constant, low, "swooshing" noise day and night, which can drive you nuts.
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