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Education in Colombia, South America

No description

Caitlyn Bitner

on 22 October 2012

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Transcript of Education in Colombia, South America

Colombia, South America - 4th largest country in South America
-Population 46,366,364
-Primary schools age 6 to 11
-Secondary school,
half of the students that attend
primary school attend secondary school. - 10% of Colombia's annul budget has to be spent on education - Regular school days just like in U.S.
-Some schools in poverty go have days and split the days School Year? -3 week break in June and 1 week break in September - Reading 413
-Math 381
-Science 402
Education Ranking - Ranking #52 -Spanish is spoken in schools
- Some schools are taught the Catholic Religion
Language - About 30 students per teacher Class Size - Offered after school
- More choices and for private schools than public schools Extra Curricular Activities
-Starting off salary 1,976,820
-After 15 years salary 2,972,756 Salary - In Colombias currency - The nicer schools wear uniforms,
while less
fortunate schools do not Uniforms
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