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Nescafe 3in1

Amina Karem Nagwa El-Assy Mohamed Aziz Ali El-Gamal

Amina Karem

on 5 December 2012

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Transcript of Nescafe 3in1

NESCAFE MKTG 408 Nescafe 3 in 1 "Activate your Day" Nescafe 3in1 Positioning Nescafe 3 in 1 demonstrates a personality of a young, light, carefree, dynamic sociable product, that stimulates to enrich simple moment of life. Nescafe 3in1's New Sound Outdoor Campaigning Market Opportunity in Egypt Activate your day Campaign Green Market: Tackling the health conscious individuals.

Low-Calorie Packs

Decaf Packs Bonjorno (Coffee Mix)
Tea products
Coffee Shops Direct Indirect Marketing Communication for Bonjorno •Advertising: Bonjorno’s Coffee Mix uses the main idea of how Bonjorno is so easy to be made and that one should use it when they are not awake. Their main advertising campaign though a bit poorly made, used the idea of drawing smileys and hearts on the coffee foam and then being offered at home to guests looking like a cup of coffee one purchases at coffee shops. This appeal of easy made coffee gives Bonjorno a good advantage. •Sales Promotion: Bonjorno launched an interesting campaign that allowed customer with each box purchase of the instant packs a “latte stencil” which outlines the lines of shapes, for example a flower, a smiley, a heart, etc. This sales promotion gave the customer a free gift which they could use frequently whether to make their coffee look better of if they have guests present them with a fun looking cup of coffee. This also resulted in sales promoters sitting in supermarkets to promote Bonjorno. Bonjorno Target Audience Age Group : 17-24
•Income level: Undergraduate Males and Females who earn more than 1000LE.

•Education Status: high school till college undergraduates.

•Profession: Students

•Social class: A, B classes Creative Strategy: USP The Unique selling proposition of Nescafe 3 in 1: Instantly Prepared rich
taste and aroma that will activate your day. We are emphasizing on the readiness of the product,
that it does not require time to fix 3 in 1 coffee cup,
moreover Nescafe is a brand known for the quality of its coffee and its unique aroma. Pre-Testing concept of measurement Concept Testing: we need to do the concept testing in order to the theme of our campaign and to know whether our creative strategy that we did is efficient or not. By doing a qualitative research we would be able to get more insights about our plan by knowing what they think about our plan. We do this test through, comprehension tests which is Meanings testing and reaction tests which is feelings testing. Post-Testing concept of Measurement Recall testing: this type of tests we can also call as human memory test since we use aided and unaided tests to measure the efficiency of our IMC and advertising plan. We do the unaided test by asking the consumer in general what is the ad he remembers from yesterday, if he didn’t mention our ad so will do the aided test. The aided test is simply we give a hint to the consumer to know whether he knows our ad or not. To illustrate we will ask the consumer about a coffee ad to know whether he will say 3in1 Nescafe or not. Direct Marketing "Twitter Account"
"Tweets of the Day" brought to you by Nescafe 3in1
Sampling Booths found in Universities across Egypt Budget Total: 3,365,000 Nagwa El-Assy
Amina Karem
Ali El-Gamal
Mohamed Aziz Perceptual Map Thank You!!! Post Concept Continued Recognition testing: It is a test of comprehension of the marketing communications message where respondents are shown the marketing piece. It is also good for measuring reaction, comprehension and the degree of likeability of the ad. This test will help us in measuring the reaction of the consumers when they see the 3in1 Nescafe ad.
Opinion testing: Respondents are asked to discuss whatever comes to mind regarding some aspects of the product or the ad. This is a very good test for ads since respondents say what they think freely without pressures on them. So they can say freely what they think about the creative strategy that we executed in the 3in1 Nescafe.
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