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No description

kat liu

on 11 June 2013

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Transcript of Advertisements

Pepsi Dell How they advertise:
-endorse -direct -hungry colours
-coupons/groupons -T.V
-branding -product placement
-internet -free samples
-billboard -transit -radio How they advertise: -product placement
-Like us on facebook
-in store promotions
-Branding -Youtube
-Flyers -catchy tunes
-Celebrity endorsement Market (2NE1 make thumb noise): To the older 2NE1 fanbase (13+) due
to their classy and professional
commercial. Mc Donalds How they advertise: -radio -T.V -direct marketing
-sports -endorcement
-free samples -internet
-bill boards - product placement
-coupons -branding
-they use colours that make you hungry Market Happy meal: younger kids
commercial: older teens - adults market:
Fans of certain celebrities
-eg: Directioners (8-23), Drew Brees
(football fans), Nicki Manaj (teens to young-adults) etc. Problems with Dell's advertising: - they don't use bright eye catching colours
-they don't advertise very often
-they don't have catchy slogans
-they rely too much on electronic stores to advertise for them Problems with Pepsi's ads: -most pepsi commercials are very long
-they don't get straight to the point
-they're too spacific about who they're targeting Problems with Mc donalds ads -They're very stereotypical about who's in their commercials
-they don't tell you what the food's made of or what they're trying to sell to you Fact:
A variety of colors can trigger hunger. The most influential colors in terms of food are: red, orange, yellow
This is why you see popular restaurants, such as McDonalds, Wendys and Burger King utilize these colours in their logos and advertising. The colour blue is known to act as an appetite suppressant
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