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Researching History

Key Steps in research process

Trudi Buckley

on 31 October 2012

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Transcript of Researching History

History Research Basic Steps Topic
Topic Documenting Final
Product Texas Rangers Texas History before 1845 Topic Choice Choose what interests you! Missions Ranching Stephan F. Austin San Antonio Sam Houston Santa Anna La Salle Battle of Gonzales Emprasarios Choose topic that fits assignment. History Fair - Turning Points Choose topic that has plenty of sources. Books Magazine articles News Paper Accounts Primary sources Letters Maps Websites Initial Research Textbook Encyclopedia Websites Books Look for
key words. Find specific
dates. Read several
articles. Take notes and
write documentation. Look up words
you don't know, Write down any
questions that come
to mind.
Focus Topic Write a thesis. What do you wish to prove? Use key words. "turning points" "in Texas history" Create an outline. Document Sources used!!! Bibliography Final Product!! Check spelling! Check punctuation! Did you cover all points? Does it flow? Did you cite pictures? Did you include all sources
in bibliography?
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