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Berlin Wall

No description

Charlotte Koppe

on 3 December 2014

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Transcript of Berlin Wall

Table of contents
Outcome of World War II
The Berlin Wall goes up
Social aspects
Personal story
The Fall of the Berlin Wall
Occupation zones
Soviet Union
Great Britain
The Rise of the Ost - West Conflict
Inner German Boarder
Berlin the leak
The Berlin Wall goes up
Facts about the Berlin Wall
Social aspects

The Fall of the Wall
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August 13, 1961 - November 9, 1989

12-feet high (3,6m) and 4-feet wide (1,2m)

stretched approximately 100 miles

over 100.000 people attempted to escape

border was constantly expanded and perfected

only 5.000 - 10.000 succeeded
about 200 people were killed while trying to escape
Kolwalczuk,Ilko-Sascha : Das bewegte Jahrzent
Lehmann,Hans Georg : Mit der Mauer leben? Die einstellung zur Berliner Mauer
1948 currency reform in western zones D-Mark
Soviet Union decided that there will be only one currency in Berlin
June 1948 - May 1949 Berliner Blockade
blocked the land and water connection from the Western zones to the Western part of Berlin
Western powers were seen as protective powers and a wide friendship was developed
democracy versus communism
Berlin Wall in 1962
Berlin Wall today
Destruction date: November 9, 1989 at 10:45pm

Protest demonstration in September 1989
"Wir wollen raus!" and "Wir bleiben hier!" "Peaceful Revolution"

Günter Schabowski held a press conference

East Germany began gathering at the wall 10:45pm opening the checkpoints

East and West Germans were celebrating their new freedom

reunification of Germany was on October 3, 1990
capitalistic society
rapid growth of their economic
democratic parliament

pilfer factory equipment
communist society
individual freedom limited
mass emigration to west Germany
Inner German Boarder
established in 1945 but easy to cross

26.May 1952 the openness ended with the "special regime on the democratic line"
1961 more than 3.5 million people had left the DDR
made up 20% of the total of the population of east Germany

Emigrants : young + well educated
lose of labor forces
1961 the constructions of the new railway were over

August 12, 1961 Walter Ulbricht signed the order to build the wall

On the very same night they began to raise up the wall

East Berlin, DDR
West Berlin, BDR
communistic lifestyle
Permanent under supervision
no private property
lived free in a "concentration camp"
Tourists coming to the wall were a source of capital
approximation policy: "Passierscheinabkommen" first in 1963
"Vier-Mächte-Abkommen" in 1971
about 5.000 attempted escapes,not even half of them were successful !
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