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10 Most Important Items in the Colombian Exchange

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Troy Hussain

on 18 November 2013

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Transcript of 10 Most Important Items in the Colombian Exchange

10 Most Important Items in the Colombian Exchange
Gold has always been the obsession of the Old World. It served as one of the primary reasons the conquistadors came to conquer the Americas. The conquistadors arrival meant death for nearly all Natives.
5. The Potato
The potato served as an important staple in the european diet ever since it was introduced. It was easy to grow in large amounts and was hearty enough for workers. Ireland specifically took a liking to this food, supporting many farmers and families.
6. Slaves
Slaves are a quintessential part of the United States' history. They were used as the back bone to plantations and a way to help make up for the drastic decrease in native populations.
Corn is currently the most produced crop in the world. It is an important part of nearly everyone's meals and has many uses outside of being food.
2. Maize
Horses were exported from the Old World and served as vehicles to Native Americans. They greatly improved hunting methods and efficiency
9. Horses
1. Smallpox
Smallpox is the most catastrophic disease to ever hit the Americas at that time. Brought by the Sailors from Europe, it killed up to 90% of the Native population. Without the disease, the settlers would have never been able to take the land with such ease, possibly never establishing the Americas as we know it
7. Syphilis
The STD syphilis was brought to Europe from the new world. It caused a fear of reproduction and was though at the time to be God's disgust with human fornication.
8. Common Cold
The Common Cold made its way to the Americas from Europe. Although it is not a major threat today, it is the most infectious disease on earth.
3. Firearms
Europe had been a big exported of guns, rendering traditional weapons useless and give anyone the power to kill. Guns have been seen as one the most the most influential inventions of mankind,
The tomato has played a very important role in western food, being used from pasta to ketchup. It is very popular in many countries.
10. Tomato
Thank You
Troy Hussain, P.3 APWH
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