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Aspire... to an easier way of managing your reading list. Feedback from staff and students

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Emma Illingworth

on 19 June 2013

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Transcript of Aspire... to an easier way of managing your reading list. Feedback from staff and students

Use so far...
over 400 registered users
over 600 Aspire reading lists linked to from modules on StudentCentral
Feedback from academics
‘I really think this is a wonder resource. For our CPD students particularly, who are not regularly on campus, this is a great way to bring the library to them. I think it is more flexible than printed readers. You can change and update the lists. It reduces the amount of printing and paper which is fantastic.’
How to find out more...
Visit the Aspire webpages http://www.brighton.ac.uk/is/aspire
Book on to a workshop http://www.brighton.ac.uk/is/loco/loco.php
Contact your Information Adviser to arrange a 1:1 training session http://www.brighton.ac.uk/is/ia
Excellent since this allows me to offer a broader range of resources in one place for students - to encourage evaluation rather than suggesting a neat short list which is recommended. It is easily and quickly extended and it is particularly useful for me as a researcher to check out items from journal email alerts and bookmark them in an appropriate place with suitable notes, even if no time to read fully when I get the emails.
Excellent platform making it so much easier to link relevant papers to reading lists
Feedback from students
Great variety
Accessibility much easier
Very helpful starting point… something that I very much valued about the module
I loved it – we were sure of access to each reading
Really useful – thanks
I prefer paper print outs so I can make notes and annotate readings
I don't read best of computers so had to print it out to read it
Didn't find reading lists online useful. Prefer physical reader
There is a clear improvement in students experience of the module site on student central, which particularly relates to Aspire reading lists for the module and each session.
Aspire... to an easier way of managing your reading list
feedback from staff and students

Forthcoming Features
Aspire is a developing tool and in response to comments and concerns from academic users the following features are forthcoming:
The option to apply your chosen referencing style to your Aspire list
Aspire list health check - an alert if a newer edition is available than the one you have in your list
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