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Battle Strategies of the Crusades

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Bryson Varney

on 27 September 2013

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Transcript of Battle Strategies of the Crusades

Battle Strategies of the Crusades
In this prezi we will be talking about the battle strategies of the Crusades of both Christian and Muslim.The Crusades were a series of Holy Wars launched by the Christian states of Europe against the Saracens. The Saracens were the Arabs and/or the Muslims.
Bothched Strategy
This strategy is supposed to be where the army sought out rapproachment (or cooperation)with their neighbors and act to maintain stability in the region. Instead they allied themselves with every destabilizing force in the region. This was used by the Christians.
"Knights up front"
The Crusader's main offensive military weapon was the mounted knights. The charge of this heavy cavalry was a serious threat in any confrontation. Almost all tactics were dependent on the heavily armed knights. These were placed at the front of the army. Used by all Crusaders.
Christians relied on brute force. Their knights fought in battalions (or groups) And charged at the enemy with lances pointed forward. Then they would use swords to fight enemies that the lances did not kill.
Soldiers would move around the enemy so they can outmanouver them. This was used by all the Crusaders.
Frontal Assault
This is a last resort type of tactic. It is a direct, hostile movement of forces toward the front of an enemy force. By targeting the enemy's front, the attackers are subjecting themselves to the maximum defensive power of the enemy.
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Europe was recovering from the Dark Ages and embarking on a period of expansionism. They had wars to conquer land and expand Christianity.
Muslims launched their own set of Crusades after Muhammad's death of a fever in AD 632. The purpose was to (like the Christians) spread their faith and conquer land for their religion.
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