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No description

Daniela Rivas

on 12 October 2014

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Transcript of McDonalds

We spend $788 million on advertising in 2012 accounting for 2% of the world's advertising market
McDonald’s Spends $2 Billion On Advertising Per Year
We are the world's largest distributor of toys
Advertising Facts
McDonald's' $27 billion in revenue makes it the 90th-largest economy in the world

Healthier menu options
Fresher food
Hunger/ last option
Free coffee
New menu
Marketing Campaigns
Social Media Campaign
Guerrilla Marketing Campaign
Thank you for listening!
Like vs. Dislike: Ages: 20-28
"I try to eat healthy on a daily basis, so McDonalds doesn't fit into my diet."
"The value meals are overpriced, but I love the nuggets, McWraps and burgers."
"Their breakfast is really good, but it isn't a place I want to eat at everyday."
"I recieve fast service everytime I go."
Motivation To Go:

Organic options
Use less grease
Cleaner restaurants
McDonald's Food Sponsor - $100
FIU School of Hospitatlity Brewfest
On November 22, the event will be held at FIU Biscayne Bay from 12-4. With tickets starting at $15 for students of FIU and ranging to $30 for the public, it is affordable and easily fits within most people’s budgets.
Activities in the McLounge
Contest at the McLounge
We want to draw people in, have them hang out, and interact at our booth. To achieve this, we would set up a “McLounge”--equipped with red blowup couches, a fun area rug, and tables and chairs.
At the Brewfest, we would hope to be a sponsor and have a McDonald’s booth. The booth would be decorated with lots of colors and eye catching advertisement. On the table, we would showcase the 20% discount for FIU students with a school ID, our flier advertising the discount and our McMunch campaign, and hopefully some pictures of the actual locations to showcase the new aesthetic of the McDonalds’ and change people’s perceptions of the atmosphere.
We would supply fun materials for people to hang out and take pictures at our booth such as a McDonalds mustaches, crazy hats and hair wigs, a Ronald McDonald cut out for photo ops, silly sunglasses, and possibly some card games and jenga for people to play games at our booth as well. At outdoor walking events, people are always looking for a place to sit and have some fun.
Holding a social media competition called #McMunch would highlight the variety of foods McDonald's has to offer.
By participants taking a picture with any McDonald’s food purchase and posting it to Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, we are not limiting the things you can buy in order to partake in the competition.
As long as the location is shared, along with the hashtag #McMunch, your photo would be entered into a weekly drawing.
InstaFun #McMunch
On Campus Campaign
On Campus
Brewfest/ McLounge
Social Media
Guerrilla Marketing
Adriana Alvarez
Stephanie Chadwick
Tara Lynn
Mariana Padilla
Daniela Rivas
Carly Tighe
Since our key message is to persuade FIU students to become interested in the idea of dining at these McDonald’s locations, we need to first make them aware that these locations exist and that they are offered a 20 percent discount if they were to dine here. One of the most productive ways of getting information to students on campus is through flyers.

We have created an attractive, attention grabbing flyer to distribute throughout the Biscayne Bay Campus about these McDonald's and the students discounts they offer.
LSM/ Guerrilla Marketing
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