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Connecting Islands: the Human Quest for Transition in the 21st Century

Uma apresentação para o Social Capital World Forum 2012 - Gotemburgo/Suécia

Rafael Reinehr

on 1 December 2012

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Transcript of Connecting Islands: the Human Quest for Transition in the 21st Century

What's all about First Steps Examples And? And theFuture... Core * Transparency and Direct Democracy
* Bottom-Up & Emergence
* Shared Governance
* Horizontal Relationships
* Autonomy Creation Labs
* Shared tools of Communication
* Permanent "Internetworks" Forum
* I said it would be easy?
Sorry for that! This x Another Society

Reality x Utopia

The time is Now * Mapping of Individuals,
Movements, Collectives and
* Human Scale
* "Organic" Growth
* Defining Collective Dreams
* Share Dreams, Ideas and
Solutions Connecting Islands: the Human
Quest for Transition in
21st Century * Increasing Convergence
* Faster Ways to Achieve Agreement (or no?)
* Tools for Deliberation and Consensus Making
* Shared/Participative Governance Between Networks
* Continue a full set of Demonstrations
that an Better World is Possible... Coolmeia, Ideas
in Cooperation SCWF 2012
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