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Public Opinion Times

No description

hadil ibrahim

on 16 April 2014

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Transcript of Public Opinion Times

Monday, February 17, 2014
Editor in chief : Hadil Ali
Quol Lel Maliha
Public Opinion Times
Ancient poet uses his words for conveying
public opinion .

Proverb in the song :

every era and time has its characteristics and,
the good PR should know his audience and
their tendencies, in order to use the right
medium to influence and bring them around to whatever he wants to direct them to.
Media Emergence
The first newspaper appeared in Germany,
publications were often read aloud because illiteracy.

for long time oral culture and the literacy were side by side
A double-edged weapon in forming public opinion.
worth thousand words.
Editorial policy ??!!!

agenda setters ?
Dear diversity, whom should i believe ?
It addresses its hosts at their heart side, not with the impersonal appeal of printed characters but with the living voices of individual performers who seem in time to become intimate friends.
Plain Folks
Social Media
. In May 1999 during the embassy bombing incident in former Yugoslavia, online protests were so strong that the People’s Net established the first BBS, which later became the famous Strong Nation Forum, in a website of traditional mainstream media. Since then on, public use of the net for discussion on social and political issues became common. And it seems that people are getting more and more interested in online expression.
Social Media
Personal Involvement
Civil Work
Israel won the war
Sports Day
what is Mass Media ??
It is simply, communicating with public.
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