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Youthpass Presentation (English)

Youthpass Presentation for begginers

Antonio Benaches Bodi

on 15 January 2015

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Transcript of Youthpass Presentation (English)

A “validation instrument” aiming at:

the reflection upon the personal non-formal learning process
the social recognition of youth work
the employability of young people and youth workers
describe their learning outcomes…
8 areas that provide a framework,
a backbone and a guidance

for participants in
learning processes to

YES it should be for PARTICIPANTS to decide if they want Youthpass or not!!
Yes its an “extra” aspect to activities in the YIA programme
Yes it involves more time and effort for everyone
Yes its new and sometimes people are afraid of ‘new’
Yes there is a danger that lazy, judgemental, obstinate, egocentric, apathetic Youth Workers could be an obstacle
Youthpass Certificates are currently available for projects
approved under the following Actions of the “Youth in Action” programme:

Key Action 1- Youth Exchanges
Key Action 1- European Voluntary Service
Key Action 1 - Mobility of Youth Workers

Let's have a look on

Why we do it here?
Tool of validation and recognition
and official certificate validating
and recognizing gained key competences
within the non-formal learning
within the Youth in Action programme.
Youthpass is...
encourage you to work on your own key competences;

use it as a model while working with competences in your activities,
with your target group
Texts from:
"Youth pass for Beginners"
"Youthpass guide"

Video: "The story of Youthpass. Part I " www.youtube.com

Created by Olga Kiriakidou for the needs of "Ready,Steady,Go!" Training Course Glasgow 2012
Adapted to Erasmus+ by Antonio Benaches for the TC "Quality assessment tools for Youthwork" in Valencia 2014
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