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Form Letters & Mail Merge

No description

Ann Stefano

on 21 February 2017

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Transcript of Form Letters & Mail Merge

Perfect way to quickly convey data in a format of your choice and share or distribute easily with all users
Any and every type of user can use the tool
Easy way to encourage data communication to families and students
Way better and much faster than mail merge!
It only takes 5 easy steps:
1. Create a letter or form
2. Create a Custom Report
3. Upload the letter or form
4. Edit and layout the data
5. Download and enjoy
Form Letters & Mail Merge
with Custom Reports

Using Reports and Forms
At a District or Site Level
Once a report is shared with users, they can access the report and generate or download the completed forms instantly. The download file will be of students based on a user's

At a User Level
All users can create a custom report with data they ahve access to about their stduents (based on visibility).
Think about class awards, progress reports, homework tracking, in-class project management, etc.
The Overall Process
Create a Report and Form/Letter
Create a Custom Report and the form letter or document.
Depending on the user's preference, building the report helps to design the form, or having the form completed assists in targeting data more efficiently when building the report
Final Steps
3. Once the report and form letter are complete, upload or attach the document in the report under
Form Letter > Add
4. Select
Form Letter > Edit Layout
to choose, drag and drop fields of data into the areas of the form or letter.
5. Select
Form Letter > Download
to generate a file with populated documents for your students.
6. Share with users appropriately.
Why Use Form Letters?
New Module Alert
Hands-on Activity
Illuminate Buzz Word
For Your Information
Illuminate Material
Media Link
Presenter: Annie Stefano
New Module Alert! Custom Reports
To use Form Letters, you are entering the world of reporting. Any data in Illuminate can be used in a Custom Report and populate in your form.
Visit our Illuminate Help Materials, available on-line,
to get familiar with Custom Reporting.
Illuminate Help Manual Custom Reports BASIC
Illuminate Help Manual Custom Reports ADVANCED
Users can only see students within the group based on rostering from your Student Information System. When a report is shared, they can only see their students and download the forms for students they have visibility to see.
Illuminate Buzz Words
By default, your visibility is of all students at your affiliated site or at the district level. If users have student groups, they can select the student group in the control panel and open the report to display that particular student set.
Good To Know
Form Examples
Illuminate Help Manual
Form Letters
Create a Custom Report from an Assessment Performance Widget
an assessment with student response data.
2. On the Assessment Overview page, select a portion of the overview, by performance, by standard, or by question group graphs to view a list of students.
3. Once a list has generated, select "
Create Custom Report
4. A custom report will be titled and created with a list of students who meet that criteria you chose.
Create a Custom Report from Student Search 2.0
1. Go to Students >
Student Search 2.0
2. Use available widgets to choose a particular group of students.
HINT: Use what is available in this tool to get started. Remember, once it becomes a Custom Report you can add additional data of your choice.
3. Select
4. At the top of the Student Search page, select
Make This a Report.
Illuminate Media Links
Illuminate U! U020 Student Search and Student Profiles
Form Letter Samples
Good to Know!
Need data in Illuminate? Create a
Summary Assessment
In a spreadsheet, have desired data tied to student ID.
Save the file as a .csv (Comma Seperated Version file)
Create a Summary Assessment and build Columns according to your spreadsheet.
In the Summary Assessment > Responses > Import, to upload the file.
Illuminate Help Manual Summary Assessments & Custom Demographics
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