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The Danny Poltergeist Case

Language Arts

Brooke Berry

on 26 October 2015

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Transcript of The Danny Poltergeist Case

The Danny Poltergeist Case
This mystery happened in the 1800's , in Savannah, Georgia when a man named Al Cobb bought an old antique bed for his so Jason, for Christmas. This was important because bad things started to happen to Jason. Jason was haunted for a couple week/months, and then his parents wanted to do something about it. After all of the family moved out of the house Al Cobb tried to talk to the ghost that was haunting Jason. the ghost, Danny told him that his mother died in that bed in 1899, and he didn't want anyone else to sleep in it.
Crime Scenes
One crime scene was the Cobb's house. The Cobb's held many parties and there was a person buried under the home. The house was very old and the Cobb's thought that there was a ghost living in the house. Another crime scene could be Jason's bedroom. His bedroom was the place where all of the bad things were happening. In his room there was the old antique bed, many pictures laying around, and on the wall was a terra-cotta head.
Victims and Suspects
The victim's of this crime were Al Cobb and Jason because the crime was happening to them. One suspect was Danny because he was a ghost that told Al Cobb that he didn't want anyone else sleeping in the bed because his mother died in it. Also Danny was the one that was moving things and almost trying to kill Jason. Another suspect could be Uncle Sam because his daughter was buried under the house and he didn't want that.
Clues and Evidence
- Jason wanted to see what would happen if he put crayons and
paper on his bed and when he got back the paper said "Danny, 7"
- A picture was faced down and he flipped it up again. The next morning the picture was face down again.
- There was a cold breathe going down Jason's back and he felt like there were plated elbows on his pillow.
- After breakfast he found two beanie babies on his bed, one was a tiger, and one was a zebra. The beanie babies weren't even from his room , and the stipes could have meant something.
- Al Cobb tried to talk to the "ghost" or the person that was doing this and the "ghost" said that "he didn't want anyone in that bed because his mother died in the bed in 1899"
- Al Cobb took a pretend nap and a terra-cotta head , that was on the wall came flying at him.
- The Cobb family found notes, moved furniture, opening drawers, setting the table, flipping over the chairs, and candles were lit.
- Uncle Sam's daughter was buried under the home.

Red Herring
Since Uncle Sam's daughter was buried under the house, so he tried to get them out of the house to bury her somewhere else.
Witness Reports
One witness is Jason Cobb, he said " I saw the note flipping down once I faced it up." Another witness is Al Cobb, he said, " I went to take a pretend nap, and a terra-cotta head from the wall came flying at me, and flew into the closet."
Motives/Other theories
A motive is Danny, the person that could be doing this because Jason is sleeping in his mother's bed and he doesn't want anyone else in it. A theory is Uncle Sam, his daughter was buried under the house and the only way he can get them out of the house, is haunting them.
A ghost is haunting Jason because Danny’s mother died in the bed during 1899 so he didn’t want anyone else to sleep in it. Another reason is the ghost was leaving the notes telling Jason to not sleep in the bed or bad things will happen to him, could even lead to death. Also objects in the room were moving because they would freak Jason out to get out of the bed/bedroom.
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