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OSU School of Architecture 100th Anniversary

No description

Michael Lawhead

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of OSU School of Architecture 100th Anniversary

Double click anywhere & add an idea The Day Started out with Lunch at the original
Hideaway Pizza The gentleman in the maroon shirt
is one of the authors of our text book. The white elbow is Professor Yancey's
Brother Keith Yancey of Lam Partners in
Boston The gentleman left of the maroon shirt man is Rory.
He is the chief architecture director for most of the military
bases in Oklahoma. This is the kackle of us headed to the
School of Architecture in front of
Boone Pickens Stadium Lighting project near the front entrance. The the 4 year students are required to produce a lighting structure. They have to setup a production plan, marketing structure, and design concept. Display adjacent to front foyer. Celebrates decades of accomplishments. Natural lighting simulator. One of only a few in the country. Keith Yancey checking it out. The whole building is in a rationalist form so that the students can see all the utilities and components that make up a structure. 1st year studio on 2nd floor. 2nd year studio on opposite side of building. Third Year design studio Displays of
all projects
completed are
scattered throughout
the building. 4th and 5th year studio
in similar square foot room. Dirty jobs need a dirty room. Location of old pool
for gymnasium. Used as computer lab. Location of
plotter and laser cutter. The entire scructure has been remodeled
from the original school gymnasium and
added two wings to the structure.
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