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Rowan and

No description

isaiah gallacher

on 24 September 2015

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Transcript of Rowan and

Rowan and the Travellers Diary
By Isaiah Gallacher.
chapters 1-5
The season is spring and the birds are chirping and every thing is growing and I am Rowan who is a very shy boy that takes care of the Bukshah I live with my mum and my step dad strong John and my little sister Annad.

lately they have been acting quiet weird and I just cant put my finger on it why. I know that the travelers are coming but why are they coming so soon? I like the travelers because they bring toys and games and tell good stories and I cant wait till they get here but I need to keep an eye on the Bukshah.

Today I walked up to the top of a hill and saw the fore runners with there red, yellow, and white kites this was the first time I have seen them face to face I greeted them and chat to them to make sure it was them.I think they aren't telling me the truth of why they are really here. I was running back to the village through a field of flowers when my eyes started to water and my nose started to run.

When I couldn't see anything I drank some medicine that Sheba made, it tasted like sour milk ''uck''. when I got to the bottom of the hill I ran into the forest and bumped into Sheba and she grabbed me by the arm.

Sheba said to me " your nose is starting to run again luckily I have some slip daisy root which I will use to make the potion and then out of know where she called me a fool, a weakling, and your scared of your own shadow which really hurt my feelings. At that moment I was thinking that what ever I was feeling in side of me she was saying but when I looked up at the mountain that went all away because I remembered what I did when i went up it.

she was saying this riddle from her vision I was so clueless of what she was saying but I know it spells trouble because last time she said something like this it was bad. There's this one bit of the riddle that has caught my attention that I kept saying in my head ( the secret enemy is here).
I think (the secret enemy is here) means the Travellers because they have just arrived here and but I haven't noticed them acting suspicious so it might not be them. And tomorrow night me and my family are going to the Travellers Bonn fire I cant wait.
Chapter 6-9
Tonight I mended the gate in the Buksha's field and then went to the Travellers Bonn fire. Odgen was telling a story with the little ones by his feet and Timon the teacher at the back listening to the story that he once heard. It was about the Giants and they were fighting over the valley of Gold and the mountain had enough and was angry and caused rocks to fall and kill all the Giants. As they laid on the side of the mountain the fighting was over. I wasn't really paying attention because all I could really think about was star and the other Buksha's back in there fields and I was talking to star alone.

Odgen was making fun of our people and saying that we were just Gardeners. Lang interrupted him and started to argued that we helped you fight the Zeback. My sister Annad said "that we have a story for you". and so Alarn told the story about that I was a shy boy and that I went up the mountain and that I and strong John were the only two people to finish the quest. Ogden asked Alarn if he could go back to her house for a cup of warm soup in her warm kitchen Alarn hesitated before saying "no''. Lang said to Ogden that "you are not welcome into Rin" in the Nice's way possible, Ogden didn't move a muscle and then asked me to come with him I hesitated before getting to my feet and following him. I felt a bit nervous and i kept reminding myself to not talk about the mountain berries.

Ogden was asking me questions but I think the questions ment more then they seem. Strong John took me, my mum and Anared home, When we got home strong John went to the Buksha gate to tell Brae and Hanna that it was his turn to guard the berries and the gate but he noticed that no one responded and I heard a gasp, and then the Buksha started moaning. Then I heard foot steps running back and strong john said '' come quickly " me and my mum came as fast as we could, Brae and Hannah were face down next to the mountain berries in the grass. I asked John if I should go and get help but he hesitated and then said'' no", we don't want the word to get out to quickly. At that moment I was Wondering to myself why want they wake up and why and who did this to the them, then my mum remembered about there kids and ran as fast as lightening to Brae and Hanna's house to see if they were are all right, they were fast asleep in there beds. strong john said "we can carry them to their house between us". Me and my sister Anared were on watch and Strong John said if you here a noise come and tell us. Anared was on my shoulders and was getting sleepy, I then asked her if she wanted to go back to the house to bed she said "no". I then was telling the riddle that Sheba told me to Timon and Marlie, when strong john and my mum got back they said "that we cant hold this secret forever we need to tell someone". me, Timon, and marlie went to sheba's hut she said go away i told her about the kites but she was having a fision and she kept on saying go away. when that didn't go to plan we went to Lang's house and told her the riddle that sheba told me. when my mum came back from Bree and Hannahs house she looked very tired. This feels similar to the first time Sheba told a riddle like this one and it didn't end to well.
chapter 10-15
when my mum came to Lann's house she looked very tired. John, Marlie, Timon, and Lann said that the travellers are'nt telling us something, and how that the Zebacks have been trying to take our land away from us. Timon said '' that there were two soldiers that protected rin and then there was three and timon was wondering if they were still here today. lann was talking about the travellers and the Zeback and how lann thinks that the travellers might be helping the Zebacks conquer rin and that the Zebacks are going to help the travellers find the valley of gold. we went to bree and hannah house to show lann that they were in a deep sleep and wouldnt wake up but then bree suddenly woke up Jonn asked him what happened he said that he and Hannah were making and he was nailing in posts and the ground felt like stone or metal and then i got sleepy and feel asleep and then Hannah took over. Bree then went back to sleep, then lann, gela, marlie, feel asleep and allan was sleepy , Allan and I went to see if the travellers were there they weren't there camp had vanished. we saw people at the bell but they all looked like zombies and didn't really know what had happened we ran to timon to ring the bell harder he did it has hard as he could but he started to get sleepy. Allun and i weren't getting sleepy because we were moving around a lot. we went to Allun's mums house we open the door to the Bakery and went to the back of the house Allun told me to get some bread and water for his mum, i then took Allun out to the garden and there was every one asleep we started running the birds were asleep and so were all living creatures it was so bazaar it was like a ghost town full of zombies. Allun and I ran to the top of the hill and he pulled out the necklace and blew into the end i didn't hear anything but then the forerunners came and landed on the same hill. Allun said that we need to see ogden then the forerunners flew us to him to the pit of unrin. my head was out of control, while we were flying i had time to think maybe timon was right the zebacks had promised the travellers the safe way through the evil path to the valley of gold, And then my farther popped into my mind and all these happy thoughts of him just flushed into my head it was such a good moment. when we came into land there was ogden standing there alone. Zil let herself and i out of the kite, Zel went and stood next to ogden Allun said that for 300 years we had helped you and that we let you come into the village and you repay us by giving everyone an illness. ogden interrupted and went off his treat and was very mad, i had never seen ogden so angry and with a frown on his face. i was yelling at zill letting everyone know and saying that if you take away a few things like her brown hair and a few other things she would look like a character from The House Of Books, and you are the enemy, you are the spy, you are a Zeback in my eye's. Ogden said that we picked her up from the shore. she was born a zeback but became a traveller from her early years. we left because we felt wrongness in the land and danger. we weren't allowed in the village and we felt secrets and anger. ogden replied, i then said that we just wanted to keep the mountain berries away from you. ogden just stood in amazement because he said that the travellers already knew about the berries. he then turned the conversation to the valley of gold, no its just a story i said, no you thought it was a legend Rowan of the buksha said ogden. the forerunners have flown across the pit of unrin but the travellers aren't aloud to enter unrin but the zeback are aloud to do as they please. Ogden asked allun the rhyme that i had spoken of. i told the rhyme to ogden and zill,
Chapter 16-20
Ogden then said yes now i can see why you thought like you did. ogden then said that there might be another enimie. Ziel agreed to go to the valley of gold alone i was thinking about going but i was to frightened. I then agreed to go to the valley of gold with Zeil, Ogden said to go when sat of to the valley of gold. As we were walking I felt dizzy with fear, i was looking around and ziel wasn't talking to me, ogden wanted me to go so i did, i really wanted zeil to talk to me but she didn't and i knew that she was as scared as me. we then noticed that there was just trees, no grass, no animals, all dead and very silent as well as very smelly. while we were waking i had time to think about the stories say that its forbidden and the pit of unrin is like a maze, We had been walking for about 10 minutes and i said we should mark a tree so we don't get lost Ziel replied with we have our footsteps to remember were we came in. i felt less scared when i knew the valley of gold was near but i thought there was something lurking in the dark watching me, suddenly a whitey grey thing grabbed me by my ankle. Zeil cut me fe with her knife she then said run, we ran as fast as we could but the tree branches slowed us down. i heard spooky noise in one of those trees, maybe it was just a root i had step on and cracked. Zeil kept saying to me to run, i tried to but i couldn't because my legs felt like jelly. i thought to my self i can't go on but the i saw the light so i had to keep going. then i noticed some roots following us , suddenly zeil got dragged down by the roots , I had to think quickly so i grabbed a rock and and hit the root repeatedly till it let go of her. we then continued to walk and about ten minutes pasted and all the trees and marsh started to fade away, then we just kept seeing stones every where. we started to ascend up the mountain that we had came across. as we were climbing my bones kept aching and i could barley move. then a small bird caught my eye it was munching on some mountain berries. to be honest they looked really yummy, zeil the said we have to go back, i said no no we are near the valley of gold, zeil kept saying we have to go back but i the picked some stones up and rubbed the dirt off the i felt unbearable pain in my stomach and so i hunched over onto the ground, i mumbled out we are standing on the valley of gold Zeil denied that it was the valley of gold. but she then said we need to get to the top of the mountain i didn't want to do it. then it clicked the the valley of gold, and the pit of unrin are the same thing. The bird that i saw eating the berries was fast asleep and then it hit me the berries were the ones that were making the people of Rin fall asleep, zeil noticed the roots coming after the bird so she grabbed the bird with no hesitation. we then headed up to the top of the mountain because we saw the other Forerunners flying above us. when the Forerunners were flying us back to ogden and Allun we could see a sea of red at the village of Rin. when we got to ogden and allun, i said that the mountain berries were the ones making the people of Rin fall asleep and the roots are going to eat them. zeil said that we should burn the bushes now, but is said stop we need to get as many people out as we can but she dropped the lighted torch and the bushes cought but the flame faded away which just made the trees more angry, we then all ran to shebas hut and then i remembered that when i bit the root it let go because of the slip daisy medicine. you only have to put a few drops on the roots and they would die instantly, so we filled as many bowls and buckets as we could and the forerunners would fly us as low as to the trees and we could tip the medicine on them when they all were dead every thing started to awake from there slumber and that was the end of the mountain berries because of the slip daisy's. And as ogden was telling the story he asked ziel to pass him the slik bag he pulled out some jem's and passed them to me. he then said you can give the jems away but please keep this one close to your heart it was a whistle and a golden owl with green jem's for eyes. that was the end of the berries and thank god for that, it was a big adventure and i am knackered so i am going to have a sleep now till the next adventure. the future of rin i reckon is going to have another adventure more wild and dangerios than this one ever before.
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