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Still Life

No description

Melinda Wilcox

on 31 May 2013

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Transcript of Still Life

Deceptively Simple One or two objects
when chosen carefully
can be powerful Traditional A traditional still life is usually a complex group of objects arranged in an interesting composition reminiscent of the Dutch Masters, but artists paint them now for very different reasons... COLOR!! Tell a Story... Change your Perspective Color scheme in any work of art sets the mood... many artists make a conscious choice to limit their palette Alter the way you
see the world
by looking at it from a different direction
or getting close-up
Objects can tell a story even if it's an ordinary one we can all relate to... because the beauty is in how the story is told Still Life? One or more inanimate
objects arranged in an interesting composition. Okay so a still life is a bunch of crap on a table?
Why would an
artist want to draw or paint that? Well I'm glad you asked because still life is a pretty important part of Art History... See for Yourself What is Still life evolved into more as artists used it to please their own ideas about composition, color, light and form. More modern artist like Cezanne and Picasso used still life to express their own interests and style Still Life was born when patrons of the arts
commissioned works to brag about their wealth and status. See fancy stuff
like silver & gold dishes and bountiful food... this guy must really have it GOOD! The Dutch Masters were artists who excelled at still life because of their attention to detail and ability to replicate glass, metals, fabrics, and other materials their patrons wanted to see. Cezanne Picasso Still Life is good practice... A good way to learn about how to create illusions of depth A good way to learn about color and composition Develop a style... Deceptively Simple One or two objects
when chosen carefully
can be powerful
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