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Marketing plan

Travis Rodgers

on 28 April 2013

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Transcript of Coachella

RPL 545 Coachella Music and Arts Festival Brand Map Market Assessment Our Current Customer History 1999: first year, two day event, ~10k attendees

2007: extended to three day weekend, ~50k attendees

2012: format changed to two three day weekends, ~225k attendees, 190 acts Products Music
Camping Services Festival grounds
VIP sections
Campgrounds Facilities Empire Polo Club Marketing Mix Marking Mix Cont. Programs Music!
Ferris Wheel!
Campground activites! Policies Safety concerns Distribution Online ticket sales only Pricing Weekend ticket: $349
Camping spot: $85
Various VIP packages Promotional Mix Brand Message America's Premier Music Festival Collateral General festival swag Previous Attendees
Normally within 18-24 year old age group Our Future Customer New Bands = New Fans
Green Initiative *= Competition
X=Coachella Bonnaroo - Manchester, TN
Lollapalooza - Chicago, IL
Sasquatch! - Quincy, WA Competition Market Objectives Create a less stressful process of purchasing tickets by elongating the time frame in which customers can purchase them
Specific times for specific tickets Improve the quality of the entire festival experience
Airline packages
Coupon books Evaluation Objective One Objective Two Travis Rodgers Shealyn Kolakowski Athar Khalawee Kassie Contos Objective One Objective Two Qualitative Research PESTLE Environmental Scan Political: Internally: Externally: competing forces in the committee and within the competitors. Government policy may have both negative and positive effects to the festival:
The government.
The state. ECONOMIC: budget that need to be financed by internal stakeholders Survey customers over the phone Internally: Qualitative Research Select customers to attend focus groups after the festival Externally: 1. The external economic environment.
2. The Attendance. Social: It is the most important:

consists of the varied cultures, race, tribe, and religious.

new marketing strategies, and mecahnisums have been considered. This ensures equality Technology: Embracing the current technological advancements, with an aim of keeping abreast with the latest innovations:

Materialized hologram image of Tupac on stage.

The use of social media. laws concerning the minimum age bracket.

Stringent measures breaching any law concerning the festival.

laws that limit the level of noise or sounds. Legal: Weather and other environmental conditions.

The area of transport.

The site of staging.

Geographical phenomena. Environmental: Plan Budget Cont. Plan Budget Cont. Plan Budget Thank you ... Any Questions Outline: History.
Environmental Scan (PESTLE).
Market Assessment.
Brand Map.
Market Objectives.
Marketing Mix.
Promotional Mix.
Communications Mix.
Evaluation Plan.
Plan Budget. Communications Mix PR Live Concert Footage Partnership with Airline Community Relations Volunteer Opportunities Charities Advertising Website Newsletter Featured Bands Direct Sales Tickets Sales Online Merchandise Sponsorships Heineken H&M JBL PlayStation RedBull Fruttare Internal Marketing Free Passes/Merchandise Wrap up Party Lodging Food/Beverages Quality Service Trained Staff Online Survey Comment Cards Loyalty Program
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